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Volunteers Needed!
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Volunteers Needed


Volunteers will work at home using their own computer without compensation. However, people who show a sincere interest in our work, are reliable, and who demonstrate an ability to get things done, will be considered for a paid position if and when we receive sufficient funding.

If you would like to help us with any of the tasks listed below, please contact us.

Volunteer Coordination/Recruitment

Cooperative Research is looking for one or two people to help recruit new volunteers and then track and manage their projects.

Partnership campaign

We need help devising and implementing a strategy to create partnerships with authors, scholars, journalists, and issue-specific organizations. Specifically, we need one or two people to help design a networking campaign and several other volunteers to search the Internet for potential partners.


We could use some assistance developing a Library-of-Congress-based classification schema for organizing timelines by subject.

Writing and Research

Timelines - We are looking for volunteers with good writing and research skills to help complete several unfinished timelines related to US, Iraqi, Middle Eastern, and African history.

Public Relations/Newsletters - We are looking for people who would be willing to spend a few hours each month writing letters, emails, and newsletters.

Forum Moderators

We need two or three people to help bring some life to our forum and moderate it. To be eligible, you must have a verifiable history of posting high-quality content elsewhere. Prior experience as a moderator is a plus.

Editors and Copyeditors

We need experienced editors and proofreaders. Once Cooperative Research's contribution system is complete, developmental editors will work with contributors on the organization and structure of their timelines. Other editors will fact-check submitted entries. Editors will be able to specify a maximum number of entries they are willing to edit per week.We encourage people with expert knowledge on specific issues—journalists, scholars, graduate students, etc—to participate in this effort. Copyeditors would check entries for correctness and consistency in spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Foundation Research

Cooperative Research needs help researching foundations that could potentially provide us with funding.

Web Design

We are looking for an exceptionally talented web designer to brighten up the Cooperative Research website and make it look more professional. We would need a design for the home page, the timeline pages (view), and the project pages (view). No server-side programming skills would be required—just html, javascript, and graphic design expertise. We will take care of the task of incorporating it into existing website. If we use your design, we will include a small “this website was designed by” link at the bottom of all pages.


We would like to create multimedia presentations that explain the concept and significance of collaborative research, perhaps something similar to the presentations at Creative Commons.

Java and Php Development

Java - We are also looking for experienced Java programmers to assist in the development of the website. Experience programming websites involving Java 1.5, JDO, JSP, MySql, XML and Tomcat technologies is essential, as is being able to commit enough time to the work to make any initial learning-curve worthwhile (we're not trying to be picky—we are of course only looking for volunteers prepared to work without compensation—however it's just not worth your or our time if you lack sufficient experience or time to be of use on this task).

Php - While most of the site is in Java, we are using a few php open-source applications like phorum and phprojekt and could use some help customizing and tying the apps together.

xml - We need help developing an xml schema for the mapping of entity-relationships.



Except where otherwise noted, the textual content of each timeline is licensed under the Creative Commons License below:

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