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Middle East


Rumsfeld + Saddam shake hands
George Bush I - 'The American lifestyle is not negotiable.'

Govt Report 2001 - The US's 'central dilemma' today is that 'the American people continue to demand plentiful and cheap energy without sacrifice or inconvenience'.

The 20th century history of the Middle East shows the US+Britain prepared to overthrow governments, install rulers, invent countries, sponsor war, break promises and generally do whatever it takes to guarantee a ready supply of / control over that essential commodity - oil. This has understandably created a large amount of resentment throughout the Middle East, which the war with Iraq has only intensied.

It is essential to understand this history before backing yet another conflict in the Middle East, if only to understand why the US+Britain are not seen as liberators, or why some Arabs might feel inclined to fly a jetplane into the WTC.


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