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Israel is the world's largest benefactor of US military aid. With Israel being the world's fourth strongest military power, with additionally many nuclear and other chemical and biological weapons, one might ask why this aid is neccessary. In particular, I would like to pose the following two questions:

1. What does the US gain through helping Israel?

Is it really in US interests to help Israel? Israel, in deceiving America into some of its foreign policy failures (i.e. in Libya and in the bombing of the marine barracks in Lebanon) hardly presents a grateful customer.

2. Does the US support of Israel help solve the situation?

Is the vetoing of some 50-odd UN resolutions the best way to peace? Or the increasing of military aid to Israel immediately following such acts as its illegal invasion of Lebanon? Does the US approach represent the best way towards a peaceful solution, or is the US simply aiding in Israel's repressive occupation of Palestine?


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