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Timeline of 9/11

Technical Details

By Paul Thompson

This site uses an XML version of the data given at the 9/11 timeline. All data is contained in the file timeline.xml, which is contained in the timeline zip file. This file will always contain the latest entries.

The file timeline.xsl in the timeline zip file contains the processing instructions for generating all pages. To generate the pages, you will need a program called xsltproc, follow these instructions for installing the tool. Once xsltproc is installed, you can generate all timeline files by

  1. calling boot.bat (contained in the zip file)
  2. calling timeline.bat (generated by the previous step)
Now you have your own version, starting from the file index.html.

The rendering on this site is rather “conservative”. It displays the material in listed text format. Other kinds of rendering may suit the needs of a particular audience better. Feel free to use your JavaScript, ActionScript, Perl etc skills to come up with your own timeline!

Generated from the 9/11 timeline database, Version 2004-03-23, last updated by Paul Thompson