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Timeline of 9/11

Quick Overview

By Paul Thompson

This site provides timeline entries on events related to 9/11. The content is an “advanced mirror” of the content of the 9/11 timeline. The features added here are the search on the right, and minor improvements in the rendering of the material.

For retrieving all entries in a given time range, select a time range under Sections. For retrieving all entries under given topics, select a topic under Topic Timelines. There is a separate timeline for the Day of 9/11, with its own topic selection.

You can search for timeline entries by selecting on the right a time range, topic, update, and optional search strings. Then click “search”.

If you like to see images where available, choose “yes” in “include images”. If you would like to see Paul's comments where available, click “yes” in “include comments”. If you don't like topic-specific coloring of the text, choose “no” in “include colors”.

The timeline data is available in XML format. Look at Technical Details, if you want to process the material in different ways.

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