October 8, 2001: ISI Director General Ahmad is replaced after the FBI establishes links between him, Saeed Sheikh and 9/11. Ahmad instructed Saeed to transfer $100,000 into hijacker Atta's bank account prior to 9/11 (see June or Before, 2000). The story is widely reported by Pakistani newspapers, and even by the Wall Street Journal, which says US government sources helped them to confirm the story. The Times of India reports that Indian intelligence helped the FBI discover the link: "A direct link between the ISI and the WTC attack could have enormous repercussions. The US cannot but suspect whether or not there were other senior Pakistani Army commanders who were in the know of things. Evidence of a larger conspiracy could shake US confidence in Pakistan's ability to participate in the anti-terrorism coalition." [Dawn, 10/8/01, Times of India, 10/9/01, Wall Street Journal, 10/10/01, AFP, 10/10/01] Several other ISI leaders close to the Taliban are removed around the same time. But, according to one diplomat: "To remove the top two or three doesn't matter at all. The philosophy remains... [The ISI is] a parallel government of its own. If you go through the officer list, almost all of the ISI regulars would say, of the Taliban, 'They are my boys.'" [New Yorker, 10/29/01]