September 8-11, 2001 (C): Saeed Sheikh transfers money from the United Arab Emirates to Atta in Florida on September 8 and 9 (the United Arab Emirates is known for lax banking laws and has no law against money laundering [State Department briefing, 7/8/99]). On September 9, three hijackers, Atta, Walid Alshehri and Marwan Alshehhi, transfer about $15,000 back to Saeed's account. [Time, 10/1/01, Los Angeles Times, 10/20/01] Apparently the hijackers were giving money meant for the 9/11 attacks that they didn't use. Saeed then flies from the United Arab Emirates to Karachi, Pakistan on 9/11. These last minute transfers are touted as the "smoking gun" proving al-Qaeda involvement in the 9/11 attacks, since Saeed is a known financial manager for bin Laden. [Guardian, 10/1/01] But since Saeed (who is later convicted for the murder of reporter Daniel Pearl (see July 15, 2002)) also works for the ISI, aren't these transfers equally a smoking gun of ISI involvement in the 9/11 attacks?