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US confrontation with Iran


Project: US confrontation with Iran

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August 2, 2003

       Hossein Khomeini, Ayatollah Khomeini's grandson, tells the Dutch Daily newspaper NRC Handelsblad that he would welcome a US intervention aimed at overthrowing the ruling mullahs. He says, “If it is only America that can bring freedom to us, let them do so.” [NRC Handelsblad, 8/2/2003]

August 31, 2003

       Iran claims to have arrested dozens of spies. “The Intelligence Ministry has arrested several spies who were transferring Iran's nuclear secrets out of the country,” Yunsei says. But he provides few details about the identities of those arrested, other than to say that members of the armed opposition group Mujahedeen-e Khalq (MEK) played prominently in the operation. [Jerusalem Post, 8/31/03]
People and organizations involved: Mujahedeen-e Khalq

September 26, 2003

       American Enterprise Institute hosts Hossein Khomeini, grandson of the Ayatollah Rohallah Khomeini. Khomeini leads a discussion or Iran's future at the Wohlstetter Conference Center in Washington D.C. He is introduced by Michael Ledeen. [American Enterprise Institute, 9/26/2003]
People and organizations involved: Michael Ledeen

January 6, 2004

       Hossein Khomeini, grandson of Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, returns to Iran on January 6, 2004. During 2003, he spent several months in Iraq and visited the US, speaking at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) (see September 26, 2003). Khomeini's return to Iran is a surprise to Michael Ledeen and the AEI. According to Ledeen, sources close to the Khomeini family suggest that he was lured back with a combination of threats and promises. Ledeen says that Khomeini's wife was recently visited by Iranian security agents who told her, “If your children suddenly die in the streets, you must know that it was not our doing.” [American Enterprise Institute, 1/26/2004]
People and organizations involved: Michael Ledeen, Hossein Khomeini

June 17, 2005

       Four Iranians are arrested in London under Britain's anti-terror laws. The suspects are reportly connected to the dissident pro-monarchy group, Anjomane Padeshahi. The leader of the group, Dr. Froud Fouladvand, is among those arrested. London police say the men were arrested in connection with militant activity in the Middle East, possibly involving Iran's elections (see March 11, 2005). [Guardian, 6/18/2005; Agence France-Presse (AFP), 6/18/2005]
People and organizations involved: Anjomane Padeshahi

July 9, 2005

       Iranian security forces shoot and kill political activist Shivan Qaderi. According to Qaderi's brother, Qaderi was approached by security forces in public, shot three times, and then tied to a military vehicle and dragged through the city. The government had accused Qaderi of “moral and financial violations.” In the aftermath, protests erupt across the western province of Kurdistan. [Human Rights Watch, 8/11/2005; Associated Press, 8/14/2005]

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