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Investigation into the 2004 US Election: Florida


Project: Investigation into the 2004 US Election

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November 11, 2004

       Attorneys scrutinizing the close vote in Broward County, Florida notice that vote totals for some constitutional amendment questions changed in an unexpected way after 13,000 final ballots were counted. Election officials quickly determine the problem was caused by the Unity Software that adds the vote totals together from five machines tabulating absentee ballots. The software was developed by ES&S of Omaha, Nebraska. According to Broward County Mayor Ilene Lieberman, the glitch was discovered two years ago but was not fixed for reasons that are disputed. ES&S claims that they were unable to fix the bug because they were not granted certification for the change from the state of Florida. However Florida denies that that was the case. An attorney for the Secretary of State's office says that state certification is not needed to fix bugs. [Miami Herald, 11/04/2004]

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