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Ghana: Nkrumah Ousted without U.S. intervention
Posted by: Beatnik (IP Logged)
Date: May 3, 2005 01:11PM

This post is in response to a posted article claiming the U.S., specifically the CIA, was partially responsible for the military coup that ousted Kwame Nkrumah. The documents used to justify this claim are highly suspicious, to a point of appearing fabricated. The U.S. government would have no reason to desire Nkrumah's removal since his regime, established in the new Ghana which was the first state to acquire independence from colonial rule in 1957, was relatively friendly to American interests and foreign policy. In fact, when the 1966 coup that ousted Nkrumah occurred, American interests lay heavily in another part of Africa - Nigeria. In the Congo War (A.K.A. Biafran War) of 1966-67, the CIA was heavily involved as U.S. leaders made the conflict their primary focus in Africa during this period. Other developing nations showed left-leaning trends in politics all to similar to the burgeoning of communism in states seen in the past. Nkrumah's Ghana, on the other hand, did not display signs of becoming a communist state nor did it appear any close than its neighbors in developing an alliance with the Soviet Union. Unlike Nigeria with its expansive oil reserves, the U.S. had little financial interest in Ghana considering the state produced no particularly needed exports and held only resources that were readily available elsewhere. In order to maintain the integrity of this site, unfounded claims,such as the one now being considered, should not be included amist the impressive assortment of otherwise valid and valuable material. All to frequently are the perpetrators of heinous acts permitted denial of responsibility because of the unprofessional flaws of their well-intentioned, but amateur, accusers.

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