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The "Establishment"
Posted by: PostIndustrialNation (IP Logged)
Date: June 12, 2004 05:04PM

During the past week, the media have been talking about how the "Establishment" hated Reagan; yet this same "Establishment" is touting him as a modern American hero.

This "Establishment" (sometimes called the "Elite") which is referred to is not really an establishment at all. It is you and me, ordinary people. It is a propaganda term used primarily by the Right to try to neutralize and ridicule people who try to bring attention to the sinister agenda of the war-mongers, corporate syncophants, and religious fundamentalists who make up the end of the political spectrum. Other examples include:

1. George W. Bush being ridiculed by the "Establishment" for his hawkish policies on Iraq.

2. The Vietnam War being lost by the "Establishment's" anti-war stance.

3. Opposition to religious proselytizing by the government because the "Establishment" is anti-religion.

Any comments or criticism?

Re: The "Establishment"
Posted by: photophreak (IP Logged)
Date: June 12, 2004 06:28PM

The extreme right is good at creating enemy strawmen.

Re: The "Establishment"
Posted by: Diadem (IP Logged)
Date: December 4, 2005 04:10AM

I agree in part.

The Elite is a group of individuals who is not widely publicized by the media, for the simple fact that they control the media and it behooves them to abstain from public acknowledgment in order to operate and control as surreptitiously as possible. Politcians, are pawns of the Elite and their role is to provide misinformation to the public at the behest of the Elite.

Let me give you an example.

Who is the richest man in the world?
Most people would say Bill Gates.

This is completely wrong, and it's a prime example of how the media, controlled by the Elite, provides misinformation to the public.

The richest man in the world is Jacob Rothschild. It has been said that he has half of the money in this world: trillions upon trillions of dollars. He, of course, belongs to the House of Rothschild whose origins began as bankers. From those beginnings, his family was able to control the world. It is this reason that they invested their knowledge and power in Great Britain and the United States of America. In doing so, the House of Rothschild enticed the politicians of each country (most of them members of the Elite anyway) to adopt the Federal Reserve. And, the rest is history my friends. Ever since the adoption of the Federal reserve, America's control has been in the hands of the Elite- in a long, downward spiral.

Whenever you read history about Rothschild, or the Federal Reserve, do not read from mainstream government-supported websites. Hell, I could hardly find a direct statement on the Federal Reserve website itself that specifically states that the Federal Reserve is a private corporation. We all know it is, but if the novice (blinded) citizen was to research the Fed, how could they conclude that the Fed was private if not even the Fed's website specifically stated such information? As I stated, purposeful misinformation.

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