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Record of Bush Administration's Obstruction of Investigation of 911
Posted by: luaptifer (IP Logged)
Date: November 5, 2004 11:03PM

Howdy! A newbie to the forum, I wanted to point you to one way I've used the timeline database.

For too long, I denied crossing the line of thought that the Bush Administration at least may have had foreknowledge of the 911 attacks. But the CONs progressively chipped away at my ability to remain in denial by their active and continuous campaign to obstruct first, the formation of investigative commissions and, secondly, the function of the same.

The insanity of a picture where the President of the United States seemed to want to PREVENT Americans knowing of how the tragedy occurred forced me to Break on Through a mountain of denial. As that picture evolved from blooper to brutish collaboration of Fellini's absurdist satire with pornographic surrealization of the worst George Orwell imagined possible in government, the effect was as though I'd subscribed to some sort of 'Tazer therapy' or something.

Whatever... Daily stunning finally drove me to a point 'beyond comfortably numb' but that I found to be sparsely populated. Worse, it was clear that my countrymen actually WANT to believe the cinematic fantasy of a presidential caricature involving 150,000 troops and there'd 'be no casualties'.

Having long used the 911 Timeline and in the context of the Zogby poll results I compiled a record from it of what'd proven my own 'Tazer therapy'. I'd like to point other folks who've gone beyond comfortably numb to my own effort towards our obviously shared objective, getting sheeple to recognize that mid-apocalypse is well past time to change the shepherding horsemen.

Here I post the preface to my Record of Bush Administration's Obstruction of Investigation of 911 [] for your review. In my humble opinion, the intent of the Bush Administration regarding 911 and Iraq is best demonstrated by record of the meta-issue. In molecular genetics, two broad classes of genes may be recognized including those whose products we see and the class of genes that are regulators controlling whether and how much we see of the first class. The meta-issue is a record of the Bush Administration's intent to ensure that we didn't see anything or that we saw very little of what's real.

Please read the record I've put together, provide me with suggestions for its revision, or update especially where the message of obstruction can be made more poignant, and if you feel it's effective, please spread the word. Thanks, particularly to Paul Thompson who made my small contribution possible. Oh, and please check out the other posts on my blog that aim to provide similar exposure of the American psyCONs farce.

Record of Bush Administration's Obstruction of Investigation of 911
The current regime attempted by all means possible to thwart formation and function of the Independent 911 Commission. This article attempts to document that obstruction.

This is a compilation of evidence originally made public by ‘mainstream media’, government, or other creditable sources as entered into the Complete 911 and Complete Iraq Timeline databases. The citations and commentary are as archived in the searchable database at the Cooperative Research website. There I searched for the term "commission". I then compiled only items related to formation or function of the Joint Senate Intelligence or Independent 911 Commissions having dates after 9/11/2001. This tragically clear delimiter was the obvious mark after which data related to formation and process of investigative commissions might follow. Finally excluded from the history-compilation were events that included ‘commission’ simply due to the record mentioning 'commission' in retrospective commentary, that is, the record had no bearing on the Bush Administration's obstruction of its formation or function.

The primary search query is :


which currently (10/31/2004) returns 233 hits in total from throughout the several databases queried by CR's server. I believe the number was closer to 200 at the time I did the original query.

UPDATE: The record I’ve put together is as complete as the Complete Timeline database provided during the first week of September, 2004. This article, additionally, includes a number of entries that were not necessarily identified by the 'commission' string-query but which I observed that go to 'motive' while preparing the history of Bush Administration Obstruction for final presentation here.

The record of the 9/11 commissions' formation and investigative processes are clearly characterized by Bush Administration stonewalling and obstruction, stacking of the membership deck, attempts to control its function, conflicts of interest, attempts at budget-strangulation, restriction of results by security-classification, tactical delays, document-withholding, etc., ad nauseum. The Administration's attempts to portray their efforts as above-board, honest, and in America's best interests bear no relationship to the accounting done in the reality-based world.

To be sure, Paul Thompson and the Center for Cooperative Research deserve massive amounts of gratitude for their work to make such critical information easily accessible. Sincere thanks to these folks.

A note regarding source citation. I've included urls only for the date of the logged event item. Within each event may be found citation of one or more itemized source articles that may be accessed through the live hyperlinks found within each bracketed text item.

Please note that what's presented here is only the Preface to my Record of Obstruction. The actual record was on the order of 10 pages or so in a M$ Word document. Please refer directly to that Record []

Re: Record of Bush Administration's Obstruction of Investigation of 911
Posted by: Skypilot (IP Logged)
Date: January 16, 2005 04:22PM

You are nuts. Why don't you talk about the Clinton Administration and their handling of the WTC bombing in 1993, which was the first attack on the towers by the same group of people. Clinton and his cronies knew of Al Qaeda's involvement, but they didn't want to pursue it as an international incident but rather as a criminal matter.

Also, did you know that the WTC bombing was the 2 year anniversary of the day Hussein was forced out of Kuwait? Coincidence, right?

Re: Record of Bush Administration's Obstruction of Investigation of 911
Posted by: luaptifer (IP Logged)
Date: January 17, 2005 02:43AM

ummm, have you checked your altitude lately? for leaks in the face mask?

re "Why don't you talk about the Clinton Administration and their handling of the WTC bombing in 1993":

- because it was not in the midst of Clinton's admin that all of the lies about Iraq emerged, investigations obstructed and committees stacked, results delayed, etc., all serving to defy justice and delay results until reelection was accomplished
>> []
>> []
>> []

- because it WAS the obstructive efforts of the Bu$h admin that FORCED me to understand that the CONs clearly don't want Americans to know the truth about what happened as evident in their complete unwillingness to cooperate with any investigation to the point of refusal to testify under oath (remember $hrubbie's need to have Unca Dick hand-hold him through the strictly limited testimony?) while Clinton admin operatives were willing to do so
>> []

- because it was the Bu$h admin who hijacked our national tragedy to serve the imperial agenda of a cabal of special financial, religious, and security interests of a nation other than our own
>>look at lists of the PNAC and AEI (and Carlyle Group) principals involved here:
>> []
>> []
>> []

- because it was not the Clinton admin who'd been planning hussein's overthrow since the birth of PNAC (and before if you understand the connection with Feith, Perle and Wumser's 'Clean Break' advisement to Netanyahu in '96)
>> []
>> []
>> []
>> []
>> []

- because it was not the Clinton admin who then used every means and opportunity from Sept. 11, 2001 forward (don't forget the admin's earlier planning) to propagate the Hussein-911 lies
>> []
>> []
>> []

- because the 'new Pearl Harbor' was never needed to expedite a War for a New American Century under the Clinton admin
>> []
>> []

Just a few of the answers to your question. Of course, they're probably patterns of coincidence, right?!

Skypilot, i hope you get the oxygen-flow problems resolved since impaired judgement may effect proper use of machinery. Good luck!

Break on Through []

A libbie's take on today's events []

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