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U.S in Afghanistan pre 9/11 says Jane's Intelligence Review
Posted by: propagandainc (IP Logged)
Date: May 20, 2004 11:44PM

The subject of the Bush approach to the Taliban and Al Qaeda pre-9/11 certainly
merits discussion. I was surprised to discover that some strategy was underway pre 9/11, and that it was being done out of view of the media scrutiny. This report does establish that the Taliban and Al Qaeda were probably aware of a U.S. presence in Afghanistan and perhaps saw this has an immediate threat, which could have been the reason the 9/11 attacks were rushed in the final period of execution.

The details are somewhat vague, but the following was reported by Jane's Intelligence Review on March 15th 2001. (Please add this link to the timeline)
India joins anti-Taliban coalition

By Rahul Bedi 15 March 2001

India is believed to have joined Russia, the USA and Iran in a concerted front against Afghanistan's Taliban regime.

Military sources in Delhi, claim that the opposition Northern Alliance's capture of the strategic town of Bamiyan, was precipitated by the four countries' collaborative effort.

The 13 February fall of Bamiyan, after several days of heavy fighting, threatened to cut off the only land route from Kabul to Taliban troops in northern Afghanistan. However, media reports indicate that Taliban forces recaptured the town on 17 February.

India is believed to have supplied the Northern Alliance leader, Ahmed Shah Massoud, with high-altitude warfare equipment. Indian defence advisors, including air force helicopter technicians, are reportedly providing tactical advice in operations against the Taliban.

Twenty-five Indian army doctors and male nurses are also believed to be treating Northern Alliance troops at a 20-bed hospital at Farkhor, close to the Afghan-Tajik border. The Statesman newspaper quoting Indian officials said the medical contingent is being financed from Delhi.

Several recent meetings between the newly instituted Indo-US and Indo-Russian joint working groups on terrorism led to this effort to tactically and logistically counter the Taliban.

Intelligence sources in Delhi said that while India, Russia and Iran were leading the anti-Taliban campaign on the ground, Washington was giving the Northern Alliance information and logistic support. Oleg Chervov, deputy head of Russia's security council, recently described Taliban-controlled Afghanistan as a base of international terrorism attempting to expand into Central Asia. Radical Islamic groups are also trying to increase their influence across Pakistan, he said at a meeting of Indian and Russian security officials in Moscow. "All this dictates a pressing need for close co-operation between Russia and India in opposing terrorism," he said.

Military sources indicated that Tajikistan and Uzbekistan are being used as bases to launch anti-Taliban operations by India and Russia. They also hinted at the presence of a small Russian force actively assisting Massoud in the Panjsher Valley. "The situation in Afghanistan cannot be ignored as it impinges directly on the 12-year old Kashmir insurgency," an Indian military official said, adding that the Northern Alliance's elimination by the Taliban would be "disastrous" for India.


Jane’s Information Group is a world leading provider of intelligence and analysis on national and international defence, security and risk developments. Jane’s is an independent organisation with an unrivalled reputation of accuracy, authority and impartiality.

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Re: U.S in Afghanistan pre 9/11 says Jane's Intelligence Review
Posted by: propagandainc (IP Logged)
Date: May 21, 2004 11:15PM

This Jane's data is in the pre 9/11 timeline. (Afghan prep timeline) If the U.S was already involved with the Northern Alliance in Feb-March 2001 why were they so secretive about it? I don't recall any member of the Bush cabinet discussing this obvious military activity in Afghanistan just weeks after the inauguration.

After the 9/11 attacks did occur the administration again failed to mention this.
Why? They made it sound like they were broadsided on 9/11.

Maximum shock value?

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Re: U.S in Afghanistan pre 9/11 says Jane's Intelligence Review
Posted by: mokbubble (IP Logged)
Date: June 16, 2004 07:27PM

This is also contrary to COndaleezea Rice's testimony that the United States could not attack Afghanistan becasue it lacked regional support.

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