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Additional information relating to topics on this site
Posted by: mike (IP Logged)
Date: March 25, 2003 01:37AM

I'm always looking for more information + more reliable information on the topics contained on this site (or any additional topics if anyone thinks any others should be added).

As such, please post any links to articles/sources you find to any information related to the topics this site covers.

Any information contradicting anything provided here is also welcome, as this site does NOT aim to present any incorrect information.

Re: Additional information relating to topics on this site
Posted by: mike (IP Logged)
Date: April 9, 2003 07:15AM

In case anyone is really interested in contributing to this site (and I would really appreciate any such help), I've uploaded an xml file (zipped) which contains the data from which the site is generated - []. I'll try to keep the file up-to-date whenever I make changes.

The format of the file is really simple (if you're not sure what an 'xml' file is, its a text file similar to html, but with different tags designed for the specific task at hand), and it should be obvious how to make changes / add new topics etc etc.

If anyone is interested in adding any new topics/subtopics they think belong here, or making corrections/additions to existing topics, please feel free to download this, edit it, and then e-mail it to me (btw, my e-mail address is ).

Re: Additional information relating to topics on this site
Posted by: ISAW (IP Logged)
Date: September 23, 2005 07:18PM

I have posted the source to a History of US interventions by zoltan Grossman in the Latin America thread.

Re: Additional information relating to topics on this site
Posted by: shark99987 (IP Logged)
Date: October 28, 2005 09:58AM

I've come across a great site called [] about a week ago, and I'm trying to spread the word about it on this forum because it can be very useful for clarifying timeline entries, etc. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

On the 9/16/01-9/23/01 stories of living hijackers, from my reply to TheTruth:
It's obvious that the Alomari in the black&white BBC photo is different from the Alnami named by the FBI who evidently did in fact hijack Flight 11. The semi-bald Almihdar pictured in that article is not the one in the FBI Penttbom photo. There is also a Moqed who was confused with the terrorist Majed Mashaan GH Moqed. The living Alnami is 10 years older than the one named by the FBI. Don't you realize how common these kinds of names are in the Middle East; they're like John Smith here in America. Harry White from Pensacola Naval Air Base said said the school has had more than 1,600 people with the first name Saeed, spelled various ways, and more than 200 with the surname Alghamdi, and that none of the Saeed Alghamdis present were associated with terrorist activity. The terrorist Waleed M. Alshehri died when Flight 11 hit WTC 1; the guy named by the BBC is Waleed A. Alshehri; you can read that on this site's timeline. Previous reports that Waleed Alshehri was the son of a Saudi diplomat have been denied. [] The living Salem Alhazmi is a different age than the terrorist Alhazmi and has never been to the U.S. Mohamed Atta is dead; he was not framed. His father, a raving anti-American and anti-Israeli fanatic, accepts that his son is dead, and his stories have changed since his 9/12 phone call account. Please visit [] which addresses the claim of living hijackers and on which my post is based.

On entries about reports of hijackers drinking, partying, etc. -- what's so unusual about religious men breaking the rulers from time to time? []

Does the Odigo warning really prove foreknowledge? []

After the entry about bin Laden's denial of responsibility, how come there aren't many entries about bin Laden and al-Qaeda explicitly taking responsibility for the attacks? [] This part of the timeline is quite one-sided.
Here is some press about post-9/28 claims of responsibility by al-Qaeda. There are a LOT of videos of admissions of guilt, not just a few:
[] - Osama bin Laden 10/7/01
[] - Suleiman Abu Ghaith 10/9/01
[] - Suleiman Abu Ghaith 10/14/01 - Osama bin Laden 10/27/01
[] - Osama bin Laden 2/02,11209,685127,00.html - Ahmed Alhaznawi, Abdulaziz Alomari, Saeed Alghamdi, and other hijackers 4/02 - come on, this is in your timeline; the videos contradict the government-involvement theory - no, they were not hired by the government to do this ... forget about explaining away these martyrdom videos
[] - Osama bin Laden and others 9/10/02
[] - Ayman Al Zawahiri 9/02
[] - Ramzi Binalshibh and Khalid Shaikh Mohammed 10/02
[] - Osama bin Laden 3/03
[] - Ayman Al Zawahiri 5/03
[] - Abu Muhammad al-Ablaj 9/21/03
[] - Abu-Jandal 8/04
[] - Osama bin Laden 10/30/04
[] - Adam Gadahn 9/12/05

Not to mention the 12/13/01 video. To say that one of bin Laden's doubles and not bin Laden himself is in the video is nonsense. []

Re: Additional information relating to topics on this site
Posted by: shark99987 (IP Logged)
Date: October 28, 2005 10:38AM

Supplemental link on 9/10/02 story:
Al Qaeda admits September 11th attack []

"Refuting the 9/11 Conspiracy Theories"

[] - contains many (inflammatory) remarks about Ruppert's timeline

[] - very extensive refutation of no-757 claim by a conspiracy-oriented site - Good quote: "Is this a Cointelpro effort or merely a form of mental illness?"

[] - Analysis of Eyewitness Statements on 9/11 American Airlines Flight 77 Crash into the Pentagon by Penny Schoner

Why does this site link to Voxfux? What's so good about that site?

Why endorse David Ray Griffin? He promotes bogus claims like the no-757 theory at the Pentagon and the WTC demolition theory (if there was anything unusual it was at most that the towers had substandard construction, IF that), and many other claims that have been debunked or are unproven. This is exactly the kind of bull you need to distance yourselves from to stay on track with the truth and maintain your credibility and integrity. I pray that Griffin, as a theologian especially, realizes and rectifies his mistakes.

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