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excellent new 9/11 book: Griffin's "The New Pearl Harbor"
Posted by: sporidia (IP Logged)
Date: May 13, 2004 07:18AM

An excellent new book on the events of 9/11:
"The New Pearl Harbor" by David Ray Griffin.

Griffin, a professor at the Claremont School of Theology in California, raises pointed questions about Bush Administration involvement in the events of 9/11. Were the Trade Center buildings demolished? Was there a deliberate stand-down of fighter jets? Did a 757 really crash into the Pentagon? In addition, he provides the most cogent version of the Saudi and ISI context I've read so far. Amazingly, it's all done in an even-tempered, clear, serious way.

It's a book that skeptics of "conspiracy theories" would be able to stomach, becuase Griffin is very careful. His priorities are to raise important questions, not to answer them.

The New Pearl Harbor
by David Ray Griffin
Olive Branch Press
published in 2004
ISBN 1-56656-552-9

Howard Zinn recommends Griffin book
Posted by: sporidia (IP Logged)
Date: May 21, 2004 09:01PM

May 14, 2004

To All Those Working for a Peaceful, Just & Environmentally Sustainable Society:

Whether one views the 9/11 "terrorist" attacks as blow back, a wake-up call, or an unjustified outrage, they have deeply affected the American psyche and our attitudes toward war, the future, and the world. As a historian trying to understand this phenomenon, I tend to view the government's behavior, before and after 9/11, in the context of its leaders' past actions.

Before 9/11, Bush's inner circle of neoconservative advisors proclaimed the need for a dramatic expansion of U.S. military might entailing "full spectrum dominance" over all other nations and regions (including outer space), long term petro-resource control with permanent Middle East bases, and a preemptive First Strike policy against recalcitrant states. In September 2000, however, the neocon's flagship think tank, the Project for a New America Century, warned that this "process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event - like a new Pearl Harbor."

After 9/11, this administration systematically nurtured the fear of further homeland attacks to justify its own assaults on constitutional rights as well as social and environmental programs that protected "the people" but fettered corporate power and control.

David Ray Griffin's book "The New Pearl Harbor -- Disturbing Questions About The Bush Administration and 9/11" asks "Were these tragedies simply the result of unprecedented failures and incompetence as the government maintains, or were there elements of foreknowledge and implicit welcome involved?" He attempts to answer this question, reviewing the facts, studying other possible interpretations of these facts, and observing the breakdown of the official story over time.

Griffin's status as a renowned theologian and his systematic approach to the documented evidence lend this work unique importance and authority. Although still shunned by the mainstream media, his book has already encouraged many thousands to debate the case for possible government complicity and at the very least to demand a full, transparent and truly independent public inquiry.

Democracy requires citizen vigilance, informed debate and official accountability. In that spirit, David Ray Griffin's book deserves to be widely read.

Howard Zinn

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