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Village Voice: The Timeline of Tragedy
Posted by: paulthompson (IP Logged)
Date: April 20, 2004 09:04PM

I'm happy to say the Village Voice has published an article today about my 9/11 timeline. The reporter wants to work with me in the future on shedding light about more unanswered questions regarding 9/11.


Timeline of Tragedy

Picking up the pieces of 9-11, putting them in order, trying to make sense

WASHINGTON, D.C.—From his outpost on New Zealand's South Island, overlooking the stormy Tasman Sea, Paul Thompson, a young American, might seem like the most unlikely of detectives trying to sort through the historical debris of another hemisphere.

But this former California environmental activist is one of a handful of freelance, unpaid, amateur sleuths who have become a 9-11 Information Central—what amounts to an intelligence apparatus aimed at pinning down what the Bush administration knew and didn't know about 9-11, before and after the attacks. The results of this sleuthing often find their way to the 9-11 families, and in particular, to the by now mythic Jersey Girls, as the leaders of the survivors' families have come to be called.


Also, there's this sideline article, that looks at some of the warnings from foreign governments:

Earth to D.C.! Earth to D.C.!

Hindsight or foresight, we still were told the attacks were coming

It may take a long time for a thorough history of the events leading up to 9-11 to be written, but since the attacks on Manhattan and D.C.,
some intriguing information has dribbled out of governments around the world. Much of it has been reported in mainstream news outlets, but rarely has it been collated and categorized and chronologized in the way Paul Thompson has done it. More importantly, not all of it can be dismissed as Monday-morning quarterbacking. Some examples, again from Thompson's timelines:


Re: Village Voice: The Timeline of Tragedy
Posted by: photophreak (IP Logged)
Date: April 21, 2004 01:02PM

Thank God for the Village Voice.

Re: Village Voice: The Timeline of Tragedy
Posted by: adamhurter (IP Logged)
Date: May 3, 2004 12:19PM

Paul et al-
spectacular news about Ridgefield and the Village Voice. My suggestion for a question is- focus on the standdown, especially the Pentagon. Were planes scrambled to defend the Pentagon? If so, why did they not intercept in time?

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