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Welcome to the Center for Cooperative Research forum. This forum is intended to enable additional collaboration and facilitate the sharing of information, which is what this site is all about. Any questions / suggestions / criticisms regarding the site in general are also welcome.

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Comments/feedback on this site
Posted by: mike (IP Logged)
Date: March 26, 2003 05:30AM

Please post any comments/feedbacks/criticism/suggestions you might have here.

Any links etc not working please let me know here as well.

Re: Comments/feedback on this site
Posted by: Brian Gillespie (IP Logged)
Date: April 4, 2003 12:59AM


The swapping image on the front page makes reading a bit of a nightmare, I think it was better when they were on a separate page. Other than that, an excellent site, I've passed the URL onto many of my friends.

Brian G.

Re: Comments/feedback on this site
Posted by: Jack (IP Logged)
Date: April 4, 2003 12:19PM

Great site, lots of information! I like that it substantiates each 'editorial' comment with links to credible sources. Although the leftist leaning is undeniable, I like that it makes an effort to maintain the integrity of the site and the information it espouses.

I learned a lot from this site; a real eye opener. Great job! I hope you continue to add to it.

Re: Comments/feedback on this site
Posted by: mike (IP Logged)
Date: April 8, 2003 05:00AM

Thanks for the positive feedback :).

Regarding the image swapping, I've added a small fix so that, provided the user clicks on the left-hand-side links to the essays, the picture won't change while they're reading the essay (however, if the user simply scrolls down to read the essays the site has no way of knowing this so the pictures will still change). Not a perfect solution, but should help until I can think of a better one.

Re: Comments/feedback on this site
Posted by: lea (IP Logged)
Date: November 28, 2003 04:30AM

Brilliant Site. Cant understand though why the forum seems little used, how come more people are`nt talking about these topics?? I live in eternal hope.......Thanks for a fantastic site.

Re: Comments/feedback on this site
Posted by: doron (IP Logged)
Date: November 30, 2003 08:18PM

Highly informative site that serves a very useful and influential purpose. If it helps in even the slightest way to prevent another painful disaster, it did a huge service to humanity.

I posted an annotated reference to it at []. Heated responses are guaranteed - some of the guys that post there are highly opinionated. Perhaps they'll start posting here as well and liven things up.

Re: Comments/feedback on this site
Posted by: mike (IP Logged)
Date: December 9, 2003 09:21AM


I took a look at that forum and posted a reply. A lot of opinionated posters as you say. Always nice to read how black and white the Israel-Palestine issue is.

I don't know exactly why this forum is not used so much either - the site gets a reasonable amount of traffic. I guess theres enough forums out there already :).

Re: Comments/feedback on this site
Posted by: Rita Dombrowski (IP Logged)
Date: January 29, 2004 10:49AM

So excited at discovering your site.

I have had so many conversations lately about the general media, and the lack of in depth reporting, and controlled news.

Thankyou so very much, I wish you success, and maybe I can help, I will read more and see if that is possible.


Re: Comments/feedback on this site
Posted by: Uncle Banana Head (IP Logged)
Date: February 17, 2004 06:29AM

Your site is one of a few willing to bear witness to the blood spattered war of conquest waged by the U.S. (or U.$. as it popularly known in some of my social circles), and refute the 'flatterers at the court,' (i.e. the mainstream news media) who systematically obfuscate all manner of international imperialist hijinks. Praise be to the moderators, and may ye be fruitful and prosper in the months to come.

-N. Ron Cupboard a.k.a. His Divine Grace Rev. Uncle Neil Banana Head

Re: Comments/feedback on this site
Posted by: Don Denesiuk (IP Logged)
Date: March 6, 2004 12:07PM

Very interesting site. It supports my view of many international issues.
However I cannot seem to find an "about us" link or any indication of who you are and if you represent or are supported by any political group. Such disclosure always comforts me as I then have a better understanding of the context and motivation of the site owner.

Re: Comments/feedback on this site
Posted by: mike (IP Logged)
Date: March 7, 2004 06:17AM

The site is basically the work of just one person - myself.

I am not supported by any political group or other body. Thus I never really saw or even thought about the need for any such disclosure :).

I am also not American, thus not inclined to the partisan politics which you might be expecting, rather I come from New Zealand and am currently living in Germany.

I might also add that I am working, together with a couple of others, on a new site which will be similar to this however more ambitious in scope. On this site we are still essentially three (plus however many contributors the site can attract) independent people working together, however we will be hopefully obtaining some degree of funding for our work. In the case that we receive funding and the site is online, obviously such information would be disclosed.

Re: Comments/feedback on this site
Posted by: Luke (IP Logged)
Date: March 31, 2004 09:06PM

I must say that this is a fabulous site for anyone refuting the childish, naive praises of this country without consideration for the atrocities it has commited.
Are you a commie?

Re: Comments/feedback on this site
Posted by: cointelpro (IP Logged)
Date: August 1, 2004 07:18PM

Two notes:

(1) Thanks and congratulations, excellent & mandatory website

(2) Venezuela? Perhaps I have overlooked it on your site, but it seems to me that US covert intervention in Venezuela is one of the Top 3 Most Active Current US interventions. For evidence that Kerry will assassinate Chavez, since Bush tried and failed, compare the Venezuela/Hugo Chavez coverage of the NY TIMES ( (all Venezuela coverage by Juan Forero/Larry Rohter) with some unbiased coverage from [], or []. Or just seek out the 2003 Irish documentary "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised," a live-footage document of the April 2002 CIA-supported attempted coup of (2-time democratically elected) Hugo Chavez.

Should there be an active ongoing discussion thread for Venezuela? Or Latin America in general, since US intervention there is so virulent and active and current and growing? (Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, etc. all getting treatment).

Thanks again for a truly influential website. Donations on the way.

Re: Comments/feedback on this site
Posted by: mike (IP Logged)
Date: September 6, 2004 04:28PM

There is actually a timeline on Venezuela - [] - however it could obviously do with some work (latest entry in it is from February). Anyone is welcome to send any information they feel its missing our way of course :).

Re: Comments/feedback on this site
Posted by: doofy (IP Logged)
Date: October 26, 2004 05:26AM

mike Wrote:

> I don't know exactly why this forum is not used so
> much either - the site gets a reasonable amount of
> traffic. I guess theres enough forums out there
> already :).

I suspect one reason might be because aside from the so-called 'forgotten history' most of the people who lavish praise to this site don't have much knowledge about 'unforgotten history'. These time lines are straight out of an OJ Simpson trial. They try to portray connections that may or may not exist and the 'back up' sources do not provide much historical context. For example, the entire Chilean section makes no mention of nobel prize-winning economist Milton Friedman going to Chile on what basically amounted to a humanitarian mission to mitigate disasterous economic policy after Pinochet's essentially rudderless coup.

As far as the Venezuela section goes, again, the information provided is great, but it's out of context. What little context that seeps in is never analysed. For example, an article on this site mentioned that US oil companies had major stakes in Venezuela and Chavez was basically telling them the jig's up. That's not very diplomatic. Revolutionaries tend not to be very good diplomats - they get to their position of leadership by whipping up feelings of envy, entitlement, and stoking remnants of old tribal conflict. So why would we not expect oil companies getting their taps shut off to not elicit the CIA or whoever else might be willing to help them fight to get their piece of the action back?

And by the way, I don't really care if an 88 year old nun was imprisoned at a protest at Ft. Benning. I'm an atheist and not much of a humanist so this is not going to tug at my heart-strings as you intend.

I know that the effect you hope this site has on people is to open their eyes to atrocities committed by 'our side'. I personally hold no allegience to groups of any type. So your Forgotten History doesn't shame me. The only reason it's probably considered to be 'forgotten' by anyone is because those people are ashamed to know about it. To me the entire site just reads as a declaration that post-enlightenment capitalist ideology has had to fight against socialist ideology for the past 100 years or so. That's something I already knew, but this site just seems to demonstrate how throughly capitalist ideology has trumped all others, and continues to do so - even during times when a chimpanze is at the helm of the powerbase. That's because the one thing that gives a free-ish market an enormous advantage over socialist or dictator-managed economies is that there is no useful feedback from them. There is no way to figure out what is actually going on in the those economies and make minor adjustments to policy steer things along with the least amount of upheaval.

For the first half of the 20th century most economists thought that socialist management of economies was scientifically sound. But they later learned that it's akin to setting up a rat to run a maze, and as soon as he starts, picking up the rat and putting him at the exit. No useful data about how rats run mazes is able to be extracted from an experiment like that. Free-ish markets, on the other hand, are like letting the rat run the maze, and studying what he does, hopefully to help him run the maze better. So they might blow the scent of cheese through the exit, giving the rat a bit of help, and then studying what he does with that help.

Oh well, I hope someone found this post interesting. Anyone reading this site must have some interest in these subjects. I suspect many are looking for ammunition for further vollys of vitriol, but for those who are here because they'd like to know what's going on in the world and what has been going on in the world, I hope you manage to figure out what all the information presented here means, because the presenter is not presenting it in a manner that is condusive to gaining a wide perspective.

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