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The Complete 9/11 Timeline
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Donald_Rumsfeld_Shaking_Hands_with Saddam_Hussein_on_December_20,_1983 

Post-War Iraq.
Pre-War Planning
Legal System

Invasion of Iraq.
Arab and Iraqi Civilian response to U.S. war of 'liberation'
Problems encountered by U.S. troops during the beginning of the U.S. invasion

Preparing for War
Hawks' legal pretext for war
US coercing support from Allies
Plans for War Against Iraq

The Bush administration's shaky evidence
Politicized Intelligence, Outright Deception
Forged Niger Documents
Iraq's alleged ties to the al Qaeda terrorist group
Iraq's weapons of mass destruction: chemical, biological, and nuclear
'Saddam Hussein is a War Criminal'
'Saddam Hussein is Evil'
Britain's Dossier of proof against Iraq
British government’s release of plagiarized dossier

U.S./Israeli interests in Iraq
Iraqi Opposition Groups
Iraqi Response to U.S. Threats
Opposition to Invading Iraq [not current]
U.S. divided over Iraq.
Public opinion
Weapons Inspections
'Prewar' Military Operations in Iraq
Reasons not to go to war with Iraq
Turkey and the U.S. Invasion of Iraq
Push For War on Iraq Timeline [not current]
U.S. support for during the 1980s
Pre-911 calls for war on Iraq
The Decision to 'Get Saddam'



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