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By Paul Thompson

Links I've Used to Make the Timeline

I found almost all of the articles above by wandering around the web, looking at websites that question the official version of events, and following leads mentioned. I wish I could reference which websites led me to which articles, but I didn't keep track of all of that data. Instead, here are some key websites I used that you can go to for more information. There's no doubt that if it weren't for the work of these websites, and many others like them, we wouldn't have a chance to really understand what happened on 9/11 until years afterwards, if ever. Some of these have a lot of non-9/11 content that is very controversial—conspiracy theory stuff, no doubt. Take it or leave it, but if Bush is guilty on this, isn't it likely that he's guilty on other things, and isn't it plausible that he wasn't the first to deceive the general populace?

In no special order:

The Peoples' Investigation of 9/11 Forums to discuss 9/11 and related issues. There is a special section focusing on the 9/11 timeline on these pages.

From the Wilderness The site that inspired this one. Excellent investigative reporting, on the forefront of getting the word out about 9/11.

Center for Cooperative Research Tons and tons of information, very methodical and academic. The main home of this 9/11 timeline.

Unanswered Questions So many 9/11 questions that need answering. This site is compiling them. The site includes a complete mirror of this timeline.

The Center for an Informed America Has an excellent weekly column summing up and providing links to important news stories, many 9/11 related.

Mad Cow Productions Read investigative reporter Daniel Hopsicker's weekly reports here. Hopsicker is doing amazing research in Florida about 9/11 that virtually no one else has uncovered.

Online Journal Lots of excellent investigative reporting.

Center for Research on Globalization Independent research by Michel Chossudovsky and others.

Flight 93 Crash Theory Page Everything you want to know about Flight 93 can be found here. This site has even been referred to in mainstream Flight 93 stories on occasion.

The Jeff Rense Program This site can really be “out there,” with lots of news on UFOs, crop circles, and the like. But still, an amazing number of articles on many topics get archived here every day, and there's a huge archive. Scroll down about halfway to get to the news.

The Power Hour This site has large collections of 9/11 photos.

The Movement Well organized 9/11 site.

World Socialist Web Site Is the word “socialist” beyond the pale? It shouldn't be. Excellent new analysis, but sometimes marred by political dogma.

The Emperor's New Clothes This site has done some great, groundbreaking research in the past. But it can also occasionally be spectacularly wrong, as in its recent assertion that 9/11 had nothing to do with oil.

Sniegoski on the Empire I found many articles through Stephen J. Sniegoski's work.

Peter Dale Scott He has been exposing the deep politics behind events for decades. Lately he's been focusing on the drugs and oil connections to 9/11.

Democratic Underground Forums from a liberal perspective; this links to a forum discussing 9/11 and related issues.

Antiwar Keep an eye out especially for Justin Raimondo's regular columns—he's been in the forefront of “art student” spy ring stories.

Annotated Timeline of the 9/11 Hijackers One posting on the Free Republic news forum, but a very informative one, outlining the movements of the 9/11 hijackers. (Note that it is selective—the poster has called anyone who believes in government complicity as “scum” and omits any evidence pointing in that direction)

ISI—State Within a State A site devoted to collecting stories on the ISI.

September 11: No Surprise I found a lot of leads here.

Infowars: Resources page Another 9/11 article archive.

Oddities of 9/11 I found lots of leads here as well.

Scoop 9/11 and other news with a New Zealand flavor.

Killtown Excellent presentation of the Pentagon mystery and Bush's actions on 9/11.

Xymphora Blogspot Random musings by an extremely observant, anonymous individual (whoever you are, e-mail me—I have some thoughts).

Sept. 11: Unanswered Questions Great analysis of the day of 9/11 by Malcontent X.

A Timeline of Oil and Violence Well organized timeline of the rush to grab Central Asia's oil.

9/11 Timeline This timeline focuses on the day of 9/11, minute by minute

The Anthrax Cases Ed Lake's website on the anthrax attacks is so good that Time magazine had a big article about it.

Bill St. Clair's Home Page This contains many interesting links, including a complete mirror of the 9/11 timeline.

News Roundups

Democratic Underground Latest News This forum is an excellent place to find recent news links.

The Propaganda Matrix A good site for daily alternative news, some news can be a bit “out there.” Check out their Prior Knowledge Archive for 9/11 specifically.

Yahoo Full Cover 9/11 News The latest 9/11 news, frequently updated. These also are pages on Osama bin Laden, Afghanistan, and the anthrax attacks.

9/11 News Archives Frequently updated article links on 9/11 and related topics.

What Really Happened This tireless website links to dozens of news stories a day, mostly stories that are important but little reported. An essential website worth checking daily, but it has a tendency to jumps to conclusions in its comments.

Truthout An daily collection of news stories on all topics.

A Changed World The Christian Science Monitor has a good daily blog with links to stories on 9/11 and related topics.

Lebanon Wire: Terror Wars Scroll down, and click on “Terror Wars” —the link changes monthly. For some strange reason, you can get a better collection of daily news stories on the “war on terror” in Lebanon than the US.

The Guardian This British newspaper has a “War on America” page with links to all their 9/11 related stories.

War Against Terrorism News Tons of links to mainstream “war on terror” articles, updated weekly.

e-Ariana Everything Afghanistan-related.

The War on Terror The Washington Post's section of most recent terrorism related articles.

Reciprocal and Other Links

This section is new. In the past I've been remiss in posting reciprocal links. If you've asked for a reciprocal link in the past please do so again as a reminder. Lots of things, not only 9/11 related.

Blue Moose Films: Liberty Bound Liberty Bound is a documentary video that takes an entertaining look at America?s ongoing struggle to keep a comfortable balance between democracy, capitalism, and fascism. This is a film about historic events that shape history. It is a film about courage and fear; ignorance and knowledge; propaganda and rhetoric.

Want to Know This website has created several summaries of this timeline you might want to see.

Voxfux This website is so controversial and anti-Bush that it has apparently run into trouble with the government.

Mediaanalyse A prominent 9/11 skeptic writes his thoughts mostly in German.

Global Howler A multimedia presentation of 9/11, good for an introduction to questioning 9/11.

GNN—Guerrilla News Network Alternative journalism that often looks at 9/11.

Investigating Al-Qaeda BBC resources on 9/11

A Bush/Enron Chronology A timeline like this one, except focused on the related Enron scandals.

The Man Who Knew A PBS Program on FBI agent John O'Neill with extra resources.

Natural Law Party—Britain This website has had a number of 9/11 presentations, including one on Saeed Sheikh.

Congressional 911 Inquiry A collection of inquiry testimony in useful .html format.

This is Who We Are “Dedicated to the examination of what is hidden in plain sight”.


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