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Profile: Paul Denis


Positions that Paul Denis has held:

  • Spokesman for the Democratic Convergence of Haiti




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Paul Denis actively participated in the following events:


March 4, 2004      Haiti Coup

       A Tripartite Council is formed in accordance with Organization of American States resolutions CP/Res. 861 (February 19, 2004), CP/Res. 862 (February 26, 2004) and UN resolution S/1529 (February 29, 2004). Selected to serve on the council are Leslie Voltaire, Minister of Haitians Living Abroad; Paul Denis, Democratic Convergence spokesman; and Adamo Guino, UN Resident Coordinator in Haiti. The council is charged with the task of selecting a seven-member Council of Sages (see March 4, 2004). [Haiti Info, 4/6/2004; Inter-American Institute of Human Rights, 3/4/2004]
People and organizations involved: Paul Denis, Adamo Guino, Leslie Voltaire

March 5, 2004      Haiti Coup

       A Tripartite Council (see March 4, 2004) meets and selects a seven-member Council of Sages. It chooses Lamartine Clermont, Catholic Church; Ariel Henry, Democratic Convergence; Anne-Marie Issa, director-general of Signal FM Radio; Mac Donald Jean, Anglican Church; Danielle Magliore, director of ENFOFANM; Christian Rousseau, University administrator (previously involved in opposition student protests); and Paul Emile Simon, Fanmil Lavalas (party of Aristide government). [Haiti Info, 3/6/2004; Inter-American Institute of Human Rights, 3/4/2003; US State Department, 3/19/2004; Agence-France Presse, 1/7/2004; Fire, 1999]
People and organizations involved: Paul Emile Simon, Danielle Magliore, Ariel Henry, Mac Donald Jean, Anne-Marie Issa, Christian Rousseau, Adamo Guino, Lamartine Clermont, Paul Denis, Leslie Voltaire

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