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Profile: Hynek Kmonicek


Positions that Hynek Kmonicek has held:

  • Czech Republic deputy foreign minister




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Hynek Kmonicek actively participated in the following events:


April 20, 2001      Complete Iraq timeline

       Hynek Kmonicek, the Czech Republic's deputy foreign minister, informs the Iraqi charge d'affaires in Prague that al-Ani must leave the Czech Republic within 24-hours because his “presence [is] not in the security interests of the Czech Republic” and because his activities are “incompatible with his diplomatic status.” [New York Times, 10/27/01; New York Times, 12/16/01; Slate, 11/19/2003; Independent, 10/26/01] Kmonicek will later deny that the dismissal is related to the meeting that allegedly took place on April 8 (see April 8, 2001). A Newsweek report in April 2002 will suggest the dismissal is related to video surveillance footage showing al-Ani photographing the Radio Free Europe building on several occasions. [Newsweek, 4/28/01] But a November 2003 report in Slate will say that the dismissal is indeed related to the alleged meeting, explaining that Czech intelligence had become nervous after learning of the meeting. [Slate, 11/19/2003 Sources: Jan Kavan] The real cause for his dismissal is never officially disclosed.
People and organizations involved: Hynek Kmonicek, Ahmed Khalil Ibrahim Samir al-Ani

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