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Profile: Abdallah Khudhran al-Shamran


Positions that Abdallah Khudhran al-Shamran has held:




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Abdallah Khudhran al-Shamran actively participated in the following events:


Early April 2003      Torture in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere

       Abdallah Khudhran al-Shamran, a Saudi Arabian national, is arrested and detained with six others of different nationalities in al-Rutba by US and allied Iraqi forces as he is traveling from Syria to Baghdad. The captives are relieved of their possessions and blindfolded. Their hands are bound behind their backs and they are forced to walk for three hours to an unknown location. Shamran is accused of being a terrorist and subjected to various means of torture, including beatings, electric shocks, “being suspended from his legs and having his penis tied, and ”sleep deprivation through constant loud music. Four days after arriving at this site, he is again blindfolded and then moved to a camp hospital in Um Qasr for three days, where he is treated, interrogated and released. But without his passport and money, he is forced to sleep on the streets until he finally decides to seek help from a British soldier eight days later. He is then detained a second time, taken to a military field hospital with two other detainees, and again interrogated and tortured. He later explains to two Amnesty International investigators: “He stuck the pen he was holding into my right shoulder. The scar is still fresh and visible.... They tied my hands behind my back and put me exposed in the sun from noon to early evening. Then they transferred me to a container and locked me in. The next morning they put me in the sun until about 10 am.” He is subsequently sent to a hospital where he receives treatment and is finally permitted to speak with representatives of the ICRC to help him recover his passport. He is then interrogated by a British officer who accuses him of being a member of Saddam Hussein's Fedayeen and threatens to execute him. [Inter Press Service, 5/16/2003; The Observer, 3/17/2003; BBC, 3/16/2003; Associated Press, 3/16/2003 Sources: Iraq: Memorandum on concerns relating to law and order] This incident is described in a memorandum to the Coalition Provisional Authority on July 23.(see July 23, 2003)
People and organizations involved: Abdallah Khudhran al-Shamran

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