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Profile: Antonio M. Taguba


Positions that Antonio M. Taguba has held:

  • Major General, US Army




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Antonio M. Taguba actively participated in the following events:


Late 2003      Torture in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere

       At Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad, MPs hide prisoners from a Red Cross delegation by shifting them around the complex. These prisoners, or “ghost detainees,” are a group of detainees that have been imprisoned without names, charges or other documentation. According to Major General Antonio M. Taguba's February 26 report (see February 26, 2004), a number of jails operated by the 800th Military Police Brigade “routinely held” such prisoners “without accounting for them, knowing their identities, or even the reason for their detention.” Taguba will note that the practice is a “violation of international law.” [Los Angeles Times, 5/5/2004; Washington Post, 5/8/2004; Washington Post, 5/11/2004 Sources: US Army Report on Iraqi Prisoner Abuse]
People and organizations involved: Antonio M. Taguba  Additional Info 

January 19, 2004      Torture in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere

       Lieutenant-General Ricardo Sanchez orders a high level administrative investigation into the 800th Military Police Brigade apart from the criminal investigation that was announced three days earlier (see January 16, 2004). He appoints Major General Antonio M. Taguba to conduct the inquiry and limits the scope of the investigation to the conduct of the military police brigade. Taguba's report will be filed on February 26 (see February 26, 2004) and presented on March 3 (see March 3, 2004-March 9, 2004). [Sydney Morning Herald, 5/4/2004; New York Times, 5/10/2004]
People and organizations involved: Ricardo S. Sanchez, Antonio M. Taguba

February 12, 2004      Torture in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere

       Colonel Thomas M. Pappas, commander of the 205th Military Intelligence Brigade, is interviewed by investigator, Major General Antonio M. Taguba, and admits that intelligence officers had instructed the military police at Abu Ghraib to shackle and strip naked detainees prior to interrogation. He also says that the Military Intelligence Brigade had no formal mechanisms in place to prevent abuses. [New York Times, 5/18/2004]
People and organizations involved: Thomas M. Pappas, Antonio M. Taguba

March 3, 2004-March 9, 2004      Torture in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere

       Major General Antonio M. Taguba presents his February 26 report to General McKiernan. [New York Times, 5/10/2004] The report is “very closely held” among the Army's senior leadership and the report is only accessible to top officials on a secure computer network. Congress is not informed of the report or its findings. [Baltimore Sun, 5/6/2004]
People and organizations involved: Antonio M. Taguba, David D. McKiernan

'Passive' participant in the following events:

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