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Profile: Joel A. Miele Sr.


Positions that Joel A. Miele Sr. has held:

  • Commissioner of the New York City Department of Environmental Protection




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Joel A. Miele Sr. actively participated in the following events:


October 6, 2001      Environmental Impact

       Approximately 1,500 concerned downtown New York City residents skeptical of EPA assurances that the city air is safe to breathe meet in a Wall Street hotel lobby with a group of local officials to discuss the issue of air quality. Joel A. Miele Sr., the city's commissioner of environmental protection, tells the New York Times that the government believes residents' concerns are unfounded. [New York Times, 10/6/01]
People and organizations involved: Joel A. Miele Sr.

(October 25, 2001)      Environmental Impact

       Joel A. Miele, Sr., commissioner of the city's Department of Environmental Protection, claims his agency has “bent over backwards to be as conservative as possible in our testing ... and there is no significant danger” to anyone's health. “People are safe, not just at the site, but at the perimeters,” he adds. [Newsday, 10/26/2003 cited in Jenkins, 7/4/2003]
People and organizations involved: The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), Joel A. Miele Sr.

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