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Profile: H.C. Clark


Positions that H.C. Clark has held:




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H.C. Clark actively participated in the following events:


February 29, 1984      US knowledge 1980s

       Bechtel executive H.C. Clark notes in an interoffice memo that “the State Department has exerted strong pressure on Ex-Im to make additional credits available [in Iraq], including for this [Aqaba ] pipeline.” [Institute for Policy Studies, 3/24/03]
People and organizations involved: Export-Import Bank, H.C. Clark

May 25, 1984      US knowledge 1980s

       Bechtel official H.B. Scott informs his colleagues in a memo that “US government officials at the highest level in Washington know of the [Aqaba pipeline] project and the President supports the concept.... I cannot emphasize enough the need for maximum Bechtel management effort at all levels of the US government and industry to support this project. It has significant geopolitical overtones... The time may be right for this project to move promptly with very significant rewards to Bechtel for having made it possible.” [Institute for Policy Studies, 3/24/03]
People and organizations involved: H.C. Clark

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