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Profile: Andre Apaid


Positions that Andre Apaid has held:




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Andre Apaid actively participated in the following events:


December 2002      Haiti Coup

       The Haiti Democracy Project creates the “Coalition of 184 Civic Institutions,” which is comprised of Haitian NGOs funded by USAID and/or the International Republican Institute (IRI ), the Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce, as well as several other groups. [Dollars and Sense, 9/7/2003] The coalition's leader is Andre Apaid, a US citizen born to Haitian parents who is the head of Alpha Industries,“one of the oldest and largest assembly factories in Haiti.” His factories—located in Haiti's free trade zones—produce textiles and assemble electronic products for several US companies, including Sperry/Unisys, IBM, Remington and Honeywell, some of which are used in US Government computers and US Defense Department sonar and radar equipment. According to a report by the National Labor Committee, Apaid's businesses are known to have forced their employees to work 78-hour work-weeks at wages below the minimum rate. [Haiti Progres, 11/12/2003; National Labor Committee for Worker and Human Rights, 1/1996; London Review of Books, 4/15/2004]
People and organizations involved: USAID, International Republican Institute (IRI), Andre Apaid, Haiti Democracy Project

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