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Profile: Boniface Alexandre


Positions that Boniface Alexandre has held:

  • Chief Justice of Haitis Supreme Court
  • Head of Haitian Transitional Government




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Boniface Alexandre actively participated in the following events:


February 29, 2004      Haiti Coup

       With the removal of Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Boniface Alexandre, chief justice of the Supreme Court, is sworn in as president at the home of Prime Minister Yvon Neptune, in conformance with Haiti's constitutional rite of succession. The ceremony is attended by US Ambassador James Foley. However without a parliament (see January 2004), his appointment cannot be approved as required by Haiti's 1987 Constitution. [Reuters, 2/29/2004; Associated Press, 3/1/2004; New York Times, 3/1/2004]
People and organizations involved: Boniface Alexandre, James Foley, Jean-Bertrand Aristide

March 4, 2004      Haiti Coup

       Haitian President Boniface Alexandre appoints Leon Charles, former commander of the Haitian Coast Guard, as Director General of the Haitian National Police. [US State Department, 3/19/2004]
People and organizations involved: Boniface Alexandre, Leon Charles

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