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Profile: Jo ̄o Goulart


Positions that Jo ̄o Goulart has held:

  • Vice president of Brazil
  • President of Brazil




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Jo ̄o Goulart actively participated in the following events:


1961      Brazil

       J�nio da Silva Quadros is elected president by a record margin. He mysteriously resigns, reportedly under military pressure. Jo�o Goulart, the vice-president, succeeds Quadros as president and aims to continue Quadros' independent foreign policy [Blum, 2000] Jo�o Goulart is no communist. He is described as a “millionaire landowner and a Catholic who wears a medal of the Virgin around his neck.” He receives “a ticker-tape parade in New York City in April, and toasts the US Ambassador, ‘To the Yankee Victory!’ after the ‘Cuban Missile Crisis’ in October.” [Blum, 2000; Lormand, n.d.]
People and organizations involved: J¬nio da Silva Quadros, Jo ̄o Goulart

1962-1964      Brazil

       The CIA carries out a consistent propaganda campaign against Jo�o Goulart which dates from at least the 1962 election operation and which includes the financing of mass urban demonstrations. [Blum, 2000]
People and organizations involved: Jo ̄o Goulart

Early 1964      Brazil

       Jo�o Goulart nationalizes oil, expropriates unused land, and passes a law limiting the amount of profits multinationals can send out of the country. [Counterspy, 4/1979, pgs. 4-23]
People and organizations involved: Jo ̄o Goulart

March 1964      Brazil

       A CIA-backed military coup overthrows the government of Jo�o Goulart. [Counterspy, 4/1979, pgs. 4-23]
People and organizations involved: Jo ̄o Goulart

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