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Profile: Walter Bedell Smith


Positions that Walter Bedell Smith has held:

  • CIA Director




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Walter Bedell Smith actively participated in the following events:


1954      Guatemala

       CIA covert Operation PB Success successfully removes Arbenz from power. [CNN, n.d.; Woodward, 1999; National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 4, n.d.; Woodward, 1999; Gleijeses, 1991; Schlesinger, 1999 Sources: CIA, 1994. Operation Success] The CIA director at this time, Allen Dulles, was formerly the president of the United Fruit Fruit Company (UFCO) and the previous CIA director and under-secretary of state, General Walter Bedell Smith, is on the company's board of directors. Smith will become UFCO's president following the overthrow. [Smith, n.d.; Blum, 1995; LaFeber, 1993; Hertz, 2001] Allen Dulles' brother, John Dulles, who was Secretary of State at the time, had worked as a lawyer defending the United Fruit Company. [CNN, n.d.; Ginsberg, 1996]
People and organizations involved: Allen Welsh Dulles, John Foster Dulles, Walter Bedell Smith

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