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Profile: Howard Baldridge


Positions that Howard Baldridge has held:

  • Secretary of Commerce (1981-1987)




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Howard Baldridge actively participated in the following events:


1983      US knowledge 1980s

       Secretary of Commerce Howard Baldridge and Secretary of State George Shultz successfully lobby the National Security Council (NSC) advisor to approve the sale of 10 Bell helicopters to Iraq in spite of objections from other NSC members. It is claimed that the helicopters will be used for crop spraying. These same helicopters are later used in 1988 to deploy poison gas against Iranians and possibly the Kurds.(see March 1988) [Washington Post, 3/11/1991; Phythian, 1997, pgs. 37-38]
People and organizations involved: Howard Baldridge, George Shultz

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