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Profile: SISMI


Positions that SISMI has held:




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SISMI actively participated in the following events:


Early 2000      Complete Iraq timeline

       Rocco Martino, an Italian security consultant and information peddler, is approached by a former colleague at SISMI, Italy's foreign intelligence agency, who tips him off to a former SISMI source working at the Nigerien Embassy in Rome who can provide Martino with information in exchange for a monthly retainer fee. Martino pursues the lead, and agrees to pay her 500 euros/month. The source, however, remains on SISMI's payroll providing the agency with a way to distribute information to the public while concealing its role. Most of the documents he will receive from the lady will be related to immigration into Italy and Islamist activities in North and Central Africa. [Talking Points Memo, 8/1/2004]
People and organizations involved: SISMI, Rocco Martino

Fall 2001      Complete Iraq timeline

       The Italian intelligence agency, SISMI, provides the CIA with a report on a 1999 trip to Niger made by Wissam al-Zahawie (see February 1999), Iraq's former ambassador to the Vatican. The report suggests that the trip's mission was to discuss the future purchase of uranium oxide, known as “yellowcake.” According to sources later interviewed by New Yorker's Seymour Hersh, the report is “dismissed as amateurish and unsubstantiated” by US intelligence. [New Yorker, 10/20/03 Sources: Wissam al-Zahawie, Unnamed US intelligence sources]
People and organizations involved: Wissam al-Zahawie, SISMI

Late 2001      Complete Iraq timeline

       A member of SISMI, Italy's foreign intelligence service, provides an agency asset working at the Nigerien embassy in Rome with a set of documents which the asset then slips into a collection of documents she later gives to Rocco Martino, an Italian security consultant and information peddler. [Talking Points Memo, 8/1/2004; Sunday Times, 8/1/2004; Financial Times, 8/2/2004] The documents consist of a series of letters purported to have been exchanged between the Niger government and an Iraqi diplomat. According to these letters, Iraq had attempted to obtain 500 tons of uranium oxide, or “yellowcake,” from Niger. [Corriere della Sera, date unknown, cited in Talking Points Memo, 10/31/03; New Yorker, 10/20/03; Agence France Presse, 7/19/03; Reuters, 7/19/03]
People and organizations involved: Rocco Martino, SISMI

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