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Profile: Italian Secret Service


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Italian Secret Service actively participated in the following events:


June 29, 2001: Surveillance Indicates Al-Qaeda Will Attack Genoa Summit With More Than One Plane      Complete 911 Timeline

Abu Hamza al-Masri.
The Italian Secret Service SISDE records a meeting in the Finsbury Park mosque, in northern London, Britain. Sheikh Abu Hamza al-Masri (an Afghanistan war veteran heading a radical Islamic group), Mustapha Melki (linked to al-Qaeda member Abu Doha), and a man only known as Omar talk to each other. Notes of the meeting state, “Abu Hamza proposed an ambitious but unlikely plot which involved attacks carried by planes.” This is apparently a reference to an attack on the upcoming G8 summit in Genoa scheduled in several weeks. But unlike other reports of an al-Qaeda attack on that summit, this refers to an attack using more than one plane. The notes of the meeting conclude, “The belief that Osama bin Laden is plotting an attack is spreading among the radical Islamic groups.” [Discovery News, 9/13/01]
People and organizations involved: Abu Doha, Khalid el-Masri, al-Qaeda, Mustapha Melki, Secret Service, Osama bin Laden, Italian Secret Service

September 6, 2001: Author Is Banned from Internal US Flights Because of FAA Concern Something About to Happen      Complete 911 Timeline

Salman Rushdie.
Author Salman Rushdie, the target of death threats from radical Muslims for years, is banned by US authorities from taking internal US flights. He says the FAA told his publisher the reason was that it had “intelligence of something about to happen.” One newspaper states, “The FAA confirmed that it stepped up security measures concerning Mr. Rushdie but refused to give a reason.” [Times of London, 9/27/01] According to the 9/11 Commission, on this day the FAA issues a security directive requiring extra security measures for flights carrying Rushdie. It is not clear if this is in addition or instead of a ban on him flying. There is no mention as to why this security directive is issued at this time. [9/11 Commission staff report, 8/26/04, p. 56]
People and organizations involved: Italian Secret Service, Federal Aviation Administration

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