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Profile: Michael Moore


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June 25, 2004: Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 Movie Highlights 9/11 Issues      Complete 911 Timeline

Fahrenheit 9/11 movie poster.
Fahrenheit 9/11, a film by well-known filmmaker and author Michael Moore, is released in the US. Amongst other things, this film reveals connections between the Bush family and prominent Saudis including the bin Laden family. [New York Times, 5/6/04; Toronto Star, 6/13/04; New York Times, 5/17/04] It reviews evidence the White House helped members of Osama bin Laden's family and other Saudis fly out of the US in the days soon after 9/11. [Los Angeles Times, 6/23/04; Newsweek, 6/30/04; New York Times, 5/17/04; New York Times, 6/18/04; Toronto Star, 6/13/04] It introduces to the mainstream damning footage of President Bush continuing with a photo-op for seven minutes (see (9:06 a.m.)) after being told of the second plane hitting the WTC on 9/11. [New York Times, 6/18/04; Washington Post, 6/19/04; Newsweek, 6/20/04; Los Angeles Times, 6/23/04] Disney refused to let its Miramax division distribute the movie in the United States, supposedly because the film was thought too partisan. [Los Angeles Times, 6/11/04; Guardian, 6/2/04; Agence France-Presse, 6/23/04; New York Times, 5/6/04] The film won the top award at the prestigious Cannes film festival—the first documentary to do so in nearly 50 years. [BBC, 5/24/04; Guardian, 5/24/04; Agence France-Presse, 6/23/04] It is generally very well received, with most US newspapers rating it favorably. [Editor And Publisher, 6/27/04; Agence France-Presse, 6/23/04] The film is an instant hit and is seen by tens of millions. [CNN, 6/28/04; BBC, 6/28/04; CBS News, 6/28/04; Associated Press, 6/27/04] There are some criticisms that it distorts certain facts, such as exaggerating the possible significance of Bush and bin Laden family connections, and gripes about a $1.4 billion number representing the money flowing from Saudi companies to the Bush family. However, the New York Times claims that the public record corroborates the film's main assertions. [New York Times, 6/18/04; Newsweek, 6/30/04; New York Times, 5/17/04]
People and organizations involved: Osama bin Laden, Michael Moore, Bin Laden Family, George W. Bush

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