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Profile: Barbro Owens-Kirkpatrick


Positions that Barbro Owens-Kirkpatrick has held:

  • US ambassador to Niger




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Barbro Owens-Kirkpatrick actively participated in the following events:


Late February 2002      Complete Iraq timeline

       The CIA sends Joseph C. Wilson, a retired US diplomat, to Niger to investigate claims that Iraq had sought to purchase uranium from that country. The trip is paid for by the CIA. But the identity of the party who requests the mission is later disputed. While Wilson will claim the trip was requested directly by Dick Cheney's office, other sources will say that the CIA had decided that a delegation to Niger was needed in order to investigate questions raised by one of Dick Cheney's aides. [The Washington Post, 6/12/03; New York Times, 7/6/03; New York Times, 5/6/03; Independent, 6/29/03 Sources: Joseph C. Wilson, Unnamed senior officials] In Niger, Wilson makes “it abundantly clear to everyone” that he is “acting on behalf of the United States government.” He meets with US Ambassador to Niger Barbro Owens-Kirkpatrick who informs Wilson that she has already concluded that the allegations of uranium sales to Iraq are unfounded. She tells Wilson “she had already debunked them in her reports to Washington.” After spending eight days chatting with current government officials, former government officials, and people associated with the country's uranium business, Wilson concludes the rumors are false. He calls the allegations “bogus and unrealistic.” [The Washington Post, 6/12/03; Knight Ridder, 6/13/03; ABC News, 6/12/03; Independent, 6/29/03; New York Times, 7/6/03; CBS News, 7/11/03; Novak, 7/14/03; Vanity Fair, 5/2004, pg 282 Sources: Joseph C. Wilson]
People and organizations involved: Barbro Owens-Kirkpatrick, Joseph C. Wilson  Additional Info 

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