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Profile: Ahmed al-Khadir


Positions that Ahmed al-Khadir has held:




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Ahmed al-Khadir actively participated in the following events:


Summer 2001: Pakistani Intelligence Rescues bin Laden Associate      Complete 911 Timeline

       Egyptian investigators track down a close associate of bin Laden named Ahmed al-Khadir, wanted for bombing the Egyptian embassy in Islamabad in 1995. Egyptians surround the safe house in Pakistan where al-Khadir is hiding. They notify the ISI to help arrest him, and the ISI promises swift action. Instead, a car sent by the ISI filled with Taliban and having diplomatic plates arrives, grabs al-Khadir and drives him to safety in Afghanistan. Time magazine later reports the incident as demonstrating the strong ties between the ISI and both the Taliban and al-Qaeda. [Time, 5/6/02]
People and organizations involved: Ahmed al-Khadir, Pakistan Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence, Taliban, al-Qaeda

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