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Profile: Juan Gonzales


Positions that Juan Gonzales has held:

  • New York Daily News Journal




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Juan Gonzales actively participated in the following events:


(February 2002)      Environmental Impact

       Juan Gonzalez, a New York Daily News reporter and author of the book, Fallout: The Environmental Consequences of the World Trade Center Collapse, tells The American Prospect: “In 25 years as a reporter, I've never faced as much scrutiny or as much difficulty getting stories in the paper as I have had around this issue. There's been enormous concern expressed by some government officials and some civic leaders about my reporting, that it's unnecessarily alarming people, and I believe that some of these government officials are doing a disservice by unnecessarily saying that things are okay when they really don't know.” [American Prospect, 2/25/2002; Kupferman, 2003]
People and organizations involved: Juan Gonzales

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