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Profile: Harold Wilson


Positions that Harold Wilson has held:

  • Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (10/16/1964 - 6/19/1970)
  • Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (3/4/1974 - 4/5/1976)




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Harold Wilson actively participated in the following events:


1967- 1968      US-Britain-Diego Garcia (1770-2004)

       On two separate voyages, plantation workers and residents leave the Chagos Islands on the Mauritius, a ship operated by Rogers & Co., to Port Louis, Mauritius's capital. Many of the passengers are going to Mauritius only temporarily and intend to return to the island. But when they try to return to the Chagos Islands in 1968, they are refused passage and told they will not be permitted to return to their homes. The islanders are thus left stranded in Mauritius, without resettlement assistance or compensation. [BBC, 11/03/2000; The Washington Post, 9/9/1975; Los Angeles Times, 11/4/2000 Sources: British Royal Court, Case No: HQ02X01287, 10/3/2003] Olivier Bancoult later recounts to the BBC how his 11-member family went to Mauritius in 1968 so that his ill sister could see a doctor. After she died, family members tried to return to the islands, but “were told the land had been given to the Americans for a US military base.” [Los Angeles Times, 11/4/2000] The British also purchase the islands' copra plantations and shut down their medical facilities. [BBC, 11/03/2000] Ships carrying food and medicine to Diego Garcia are turned back. [CBS News, 6/13/2003] These measures are taken with the knowledge of British Prime Minister Harold Wilson and his Conservative successor, Edward Heath. [BBC, 11/03/2000]
People and organizations involved: Chagossians, Edward Heath, Harold Wilson

1969      US-Britain-Diego Garcia (1770-2004)

       British Foreign Secretary Michael Stewart notes in a memo to Prime Minister Harold Wilson that Parliament and US Congress were not informed that the US had waived several million dollars worth of fees associated with Britain's Polaris submarine program (see 1963-1965). The US had agreed to waive the fees in exchange for an agreement that the British would rid Diego Garcia of its indigenous inhabitants so the US could build a military base there. [CBS News, 6/13/2003; Los Angeles Times, 11/4/2000; BBC, 11/03/2000]
People and organizations involved: US Congress, Harold Wilson, Robert Maitland Michael Stewart

April 1969      US-Britain-Diego Garcia (1770-2004)

       British Prime Minister Harold Wilson, Chancellor of the Exchequer Roy Jenkins and Secretary of State for Defense Denis Healey approve plans to completely evacuate the Chagos Islands in order to make way for the construction of a US communications facility on Diego Garcia, the archipelago's largest island. [Sources: British Royal Court, Case No: HQ02X01287, 10/3/2003]
People and organizations involved: Harold Wilson, Chagossians, Denis Healey, Roy Jenkins

April 21, 1969      US-Britain-Diego Garcia (1770-2004)

       In a secret memo to British Prime Minister Harold Wilson, Foreign Secretary Michael Stewart proposes that Britain mislead the UN “by present(ing) any move as a change of employment for contract workers—rather than as a population resettlement.” [Pilger, 10/22/2004] Five days later, Wilson approves the recommendation (see April 26, 1969).
People and organizations involved: Robert Maitland Michael Stewart, Harold Wilson, Chagossians

'Passive' participant in the following events:

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