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Profile: Howard T. Banes


Positions that Howard T. Banes has held:

  • CIA case officer in Accra, Ghana




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Howard T. Banes actively participated in the following events:


February 24, 1966      US-Ghana (1952-1966)

       The Ghanaian army stages a coup, overthrowing the pan-Africanist government of Kwame Nkrumah—who is in Burma at the start of a grand tour aimed at resolving the conflict in Vietnam. [BBC, 11/4/1997; Yergen and Stanislaw, 1998; Stockwell, 1978] A weak economy (see 1961-Early 1966), exacerbated by the deliberate actions of Western governments to destabilize the country (see (3.00pm-3:30pm) March 11, 1965) (see March 27, 1965), had severely damaged the president's popularity among the masses. Additionally, the military was upset with Nkrumah's cuts to the defense budget and the declining real wage of army officers. The coup itself was supported by the CIA, which had maintained intimate contact with the plotters for at least a year (see (3.00pm-3:30pm) March 11, 1965). The CIA's involvement in the plot was so close that it managed to recover some classified Soviet military equipment as the coup was happening. [Stockwell, 1978; SeeingBlack [.com], 6/07/2002; New Yorker, 1980 cited in West Africa Review, 1999 Sources: Howard T. Banes]
People and organizations involved: Howard T. Banes, Kwame Nkrumah

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