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Profile: Robert Maitland Michael Stewart


Positions that Robert Maitland Michael Stewart has held:

  • British Secretary of State for Education and Science (10/18/1964 - 1/22/1965)
  • British Foreign Secretary (1/22/1965 - 8/11/1966)
  • British First Secretary of State (8/11/1966 - 4/6/1968)
  • British Secretary of State for Economic Affairs (8/11/1966 - 8/29/1967)
  • British Foreign Secretary (3/16/1968 - 10/17/1968)
  • British Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (10/17/1968 - 6/19/1970)




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Robert Maitland Michael Stewart actively participated in the following events:


1968      US-Britain-Diego Garcia (1770-2004)

       Foreign Secretary Michael Stewart writes that “by any stretch of the English language, there was an indigenous population and the Foreign Office knew it.” [Pilger, 10/22/2004]
People and organizations involved: Robert Maitland Michael Stewart, Chagossians

1969      US-Britain-Diego Garcia (1770-2004)

       British Foreign Secretary Michael Stewart notes in a memo to Prime Minister Harold Wilson that Parliament and US Congress were not informed that the US had waived several million dollars worth of fees associated with Britain's Polaris submarine program (see 1963-1965). The US had agreed to waive the fees in exchange for an agreement that the British would rid Diego Garcia of its indigenous inhabitants so the US could build a military base there. [CBS News, 6/13/2003; Los Angeles Times, 11/4/2000; BBC, 11/03/2000]
People and organizations involved: US Congress, Harold Wilson, Robert Maitland Michael Stewart

April 21, 1969      US-Britain-Diego Garcia (1770-2004)

       In a secret memo to British Prime Minister Harold Wilson, Foreign Secretary Michael Stewart proposes that Britain mislead the UN “by present(ing) any move as a change of employment for contract workers—rather than as a population resettlement.” [Pilger, 10/22/2004] Five days later, Wilson approves the recommendation (see April 26, 1969).
People and organizations involved: Robert Maitland Michael Stewart, Harold Wilson, Chagossians

April 26, 1969      US-Britain-Diego Garcia (1770-2004)

       British Prime Minister Harold Wilson approves a recommendation (see April 21, 1969) by Foreign Secretary Michael Stewart to mislead the UN about the population of the Chagos Islands. [Pilger, 10/22/2004]
People and organizations involved: Robert Maitland Michael Stewart, Chagossians

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