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Profile: Lloyd Doggett


Positions that Lloyd Doggett has held:

  • US House Representative, Democrat from Texas




Quote, September 19, 2002

   “We should not approve such a sweeping resolution, which would commit thousands to death and extract billions from the pockets of American taxpayers. This open-ended resolution seeks broader authority than the Gulf of Tonkin resolution upon which reliance was made to wage the Vietnam War.” [Washington Post, 9/20/02]

Associated Events

Quote, September 20, 2002

   “The Gulf of Tonkin resolution ... did at least limit the president to repelling an armed attack and preventing future aggression, and to aiding certain treaty members who requested defense.” [Associated Press, 9/19/02b]

Associated Events




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Lloyd Doggett actively participated in the following events:


September 25, 2002      Events Leading to Iraq Invasion

       US Congressmen David Bonior and Jim McDermott head for Baghdad with the intention of convincing Iraq to admit the weapons inspectors unfettered access. The day before, Bonior explained: “We want to avoid war, and we will make our case as strong as we can to not only the Iraqi leadership, but the leadership here in this country—that this war is not necessary. [War] will destabilize, we believe, many parts of the world. It will result in much loss of life, and to the extent that we can raise our concerns and have them heard, we're anxious to do so.” CNN reported, “While in Iraq, the congressmen will also visit hospitals, food distribution sites and other similar locations to assess the humanitarian situation of the Iraqi citizens.” [CNN, 9/25/2002]
People and organizations involved: Jim McDermott, Lloyd Doggett

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