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Profile: Bill Rammell


Positions that Bill Rammell has held:

  • British Foreign Office minister




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Bill Rammell actively participated in the following events:


June 2004      Diego Garcia

       The British government issues an Order in Council, reneging on an earlier promise (see January 2005) to the former residents of the Chagos Islands that they would be permitted to return to their homes. The royal decree prohibits any of the islanders from returning to any of the islands. The Chagossians had been forcibly removed from their homes in the early 1970s (see July 27, 1971-May 26, 1973) so the US could build a base on Diego Garcia. The government claims that according to a feasibility study, which did not consult the former residents, the costs of resettlement would be prohibitively high, with an initial cost of about £5 million and annual costs of between £3 and £5 million. The study also claims that the islands are “sinking.” British Foreign Office minister Bill Rammell tells John Pilger: “The tax-payer is being asked to pick up the financial tab. You have to make choices about how you spend money.” [Church Times, 1/7/2005; Pilger, 10/22/2004]
People and organizations involved: Chagossians, Bill Rammell

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