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Profile: Patrick Lang


Positions that Patrick Lang has held:

  • Head of worldwide human intelligence gathering for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)




Quote, (August 2002)

   “[The Defense Intelligence Agency] would have never accepted the use of chemical weapons against civilians, but the use against military objectives was seen as inevitable in the Iraqi struggle for survival.” [New York Times, 8/18/2002]

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Summary, May 2003

   The [neoconservative] Cabal had “cherry-picked the intelligence stream” so that its conclusions would support the case for war. The Defense Intelligence Agency had been “exploited and abused and bypassed in the process of making the case for war in Iraq based on the presence of WMD.” [Reuters, 5/30/03]

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Quote, June 2003

   “In some cases, they managed to push the intel guys back. In other cases, where they couldn't do that, they simply ignored them.” [Knight Ridder, 6/6/03]

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Quote, (April 2004)

   “I don't have any problem with them bringing in a couple of people to take another look at the intelligence and challenge the assessments. But the problem is that they brought in people who were not intelligence professionals, people brought in because they thought like them. They knew what answers they were going to get.” [New York Times, 4/28/04]

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