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Profile: Gianni Castellaneta


Positions that Gianni Castellaneta has held:

  • Diplomatic advisor to Prime Minister of Italy




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Gianni Castellaneta actively participated in the following events:


(After October 18, 2001)      Events Leading to Iraq Invasion

       According to Italy's Repubblica, Nicolo Pollari, chief of SISMI, is disappointed with his attempts to communicate with the American intelligence community. (It is not clear from the reporting what exactly Pollari is dissappointed about. It has been widely interpreted to have meant that Pollari is disappointed about US intelligence's refusal to take SISMI's October 15 report seriously) Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi had reportedly asked Pollari to do what he could to tighten relations with Washington (see Shortly after September 11, 2001). According to La Repubblica, the Prime Minister's diplomatic advisor, Gianni Castellaneta, advises Pollari to look in “other directions.” The Italian minister of defense, Antonio Martino, invites Pollari to meet with American neoconservative Michael Ledeen, which he does in December (see December 2001). [La Repubblica, 10/25/2005]
People and organizations involved: Michael Ledeen, Gianni Castellaneta, Antonio Martino, Nicolo Pollari

September 9, 2002      Events Leading to Iraq Invasion

       Nicolo Pollari, chief of SISMI, Italy's military intelligence service, meets briefly with US National Security Council officials. [Il Fogglio, 10/28/2005] Present at the meeting are National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice; her deputy, Stephen Hadley; and other US and Italian officials. [AGI online, 10/29/2005; American Prospect, 10/25/2005; Los Angeles Times, 10/28/2005; La Repubblica, 10/25/2005; La Repubblica, 10/26/2005 Sources: Unnamed high-ranking Italian SISMI source, Unnamed Bush administration official] This meeting is not reported until 2005, when Italy's La Repubblica reports that a meeting—arranged through a backchannel by Gianni Castellaneta, the Italian prime minister's diplomatic advisor—took place between Pollari and Hadley on this date. The report is refuted by Italy which insists it was actually a short meeting between Pollari and Rice. Hadley, Italy says, was present but not really part of the meeting. [AGI online, 10/29/2005] The Bush administration also insists the meeting was of little importance. Frederick Jones, a National Security Council spokesman, describes the meeting as a courtesy call of 15 minutes or less. He also says, “No one present at that meeting has any recollection of yellowcake [Uranium oxide] being discussed or documents being provided.” [New York Times, 10/28/2005] It is not clear from the reporting, however, if the meeting acknowledged by Italy and Washington, is in fact the same meeting reported by La Repubblica.
People and organizations involved: Condoleezza Rice, Stephen Hadley, Nicolo Pollari, Gianni Castellaneta

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