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Profile: Valerie Anne Amos


Positions that Valerie Anne Amos has held:

  • British Secretary of State for International Development




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Valerie Anne Amos actively participated in the following events:


January 8, 2003      Torture in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere

       The British Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Baroness Valerie Anne Amos, declares there are no prisoners at the US naval base on the island of Diego Garcia. [Sources: Hansard Parliamentary Debates, 3/3/2003, Column 603, Hansard Parliamentary Debates, 1/8/2003] The island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean was leased to the US in 1966 for an initial period of 50 years (see December 30, 1966). It now accommodates a US naval base (see June 5, 1975) employing approximately 1,700 military personnel and 2,000 civilian contractors. No one is allowed on the island except for military business. [Diego Garcia Website, n.d.; Human Rights First, 6/2004] However, it has been reported several times in the press that detainees are being held at a CIA interrogation center on the island. Pentagon officials have denied the existence of a CIA interrogation center on the island and the CIA has refused to respond to inquiries about its alleged existence. [Human Rights First, 6/2004; Washington Post, 1/2/2005; Washington Post, 12/26/2002; Washington Post, 12/17/2004]
People and organizations involved: Valerie Anne Amos

February 2003-March 2003      Events Leading to Iraq Invasion

       The British join the US (see Mid-February 2003-March 2003) in a campaign to pressure UN Security Council members to commit to voting in favor of a second UN resolution. “[E]normous pressure was brought to bear,” British cabinet member Claire Short will later tell the BBC, who cites as an example the efforts of Valerie Amos. According to Short, Amos “went round Africa with people from our intelligence services trying to press them” to support a second resolution. “I had to make sure that we didn't promise a misuse of aid in a way that would be illegal,” she added. [ Sources: Valerie Anne Amos, Claire Short]
People and organizations involved: Claire Short, Valerie Anne Amos

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