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Profile: William H. Webster


Positions that William H. Webster has held:

  • Director of the CIA (5/26/1987-8/31/1991)




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William H. Webster actively participated in the following events:


March 1989      US-Iraq 1980s

       CIA director William Webster acknowledges to Congress that Iraq is the largest producer of chemical weapons in the world. [US Congress, Senate, Committee on Foreign Relations, “Chemical and Biological Weapons Threat: The Urgent Need for Remedies,” Hearings, 101st Congress, 1st Session, 1 March 1989, pp. 27-45 cited in Jentleson 1994, p. 106]
People and organizations involved: William H. Webster, US Congress

November 2, 1989      US-Iraq 1980s

       Kuwait's Director General of State Security sends a memo to the Minister of the Interior summarizing a meeting with CIA Director William Webster. He writes: “We agreed with the American side that it was important to take advantage of the deteriorating economic situation in Iraq in order to put pressure on that country's government to delineate our common border. The Central Intelligence Agency gave us its view of appropriate means of pressure, saying that broad cooperation should be initiated between us on condition that such activities be coordinated at a high level.” When Iraq invades Kuwait (see August 2, 1990), they find this memo and confront the Kuwaiti foreign minister with it during an Arab summit meeting in mid-August 1990. Upon seeing the memo, the Kuwaiti official reportedly faints. [Cited in Ahmed, 10/2/2001] The US says the memo is a forgery. [Sources: Apparatus of Lies]
People and organizations involved: William H. Webster

January 1990      Events Leading to Iraq Invasion

       Speaking before the Senate Armed Services Committee, CIA Director William acknowledges the West's increasing dependency on Middle East oil. [Cited in Ahmed, 10/2/01]
People and organizations involved: William H. Webster

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