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Profile: Export-Import Bank


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Export-Import Bank actively participated in the following events:


February 29, 1984      US-Iraq 1980s

       Bechtel executive H.C. Clark notes in an interoffice memo that “the State Department has exerted strong pressure on Ex-Im to make additional credits available [in Iraq], including for this [Aqaba ] pipeline.” [Institute for Policy Studies, 3/24/03]
People and organizations involved: Export-Import Bank, H.C. Clark

March 9, 1984      US-Iraq 1980s

       Frank Ricciardone, a US State Department desk officer, urges the Export-Import Bank to provide Iraq with short-term loans “for foreign relations purposes.” [Institute for Policy Studies, 3/24/03]
People and organizations involved: Export-Import Bank, Frank Ricciardone

June 21, 1984      US-Iraq 1980s

       The Export-Import Bank approves a preliminary commitment of $484.5 million in loan guarantees for the Iraq-Jordan Aqaba pipeline project. This commitment will remain in effect until 1986. [Institute for Policy Studies, 3/24/03]
People and organizations involved: Export-Import Bank

1985-1986      US-Iraq 1980s

       Several current and former top US officials—including Attorney General Edwin Meese; National Security Adviser Robert McFarlane; former Secretary of Energy, Secretary of Defense, and Director of the CIA James Schlesinger; and former Secretary of Interior; national security advisor, and deputy secretary of state Judge William B. Clark—attempt to make arrangements that will provide security and insurance for the proposed Iraq-Jordan Aqaba pipeline in order to obtain Iraqi approval for the project. They go to extraordinary lengths to satisfy the preconditions Iraq has set for the piepline, including bribing Israeli Labor officials in exchange for assurances that Israel would not attack the pipeline and pushing the US government-backed Overseas Private Investment Fund and Citibank to provide a political-risk insurance fund with up to $400 million in coverage. Iraq and Jordan ultimately refuse the deal explaining that the plan “does not meet specific requirements of the Project and does not satisfy our objectives.” [Institute for Policy Studies, 3/24/03]
People and organizations involved: Edwin Meese, James R. Schlesinger, William B. Clark, Export-Import Bank, Robert C. McFarlane

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