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Profile: Elda James, Esq.


Positions that Elda James, Esq. has held:




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Elda James, Esq. actively participated in the following events:


January 1, 2004      Haiti Coup

       Seventy wealthy Haitians and Haitian-Americans officially launch Haiti's first investment bank, PromoCapital. The bank, a 50/50 joint-venture between Haitian and US shareholders, consists of two institutions: PromoCapital Haiti, SA—incorporated in Haiti as a “Soci�t� Financi�re de D�veloppement” —and PromoCapital USA, Inc,—a corporation registered in the state of Delaware. [PromoCapital Press Release, 4/2/2004; USA Today, 4/29/2004] The bank's headquarters are in Petionville, Haiti with representative offices in Washington DC and Aventura, Florida. [PromoCapital Press Release, 4/2/2004; USA Today, 4/29/2004] Its founder, Dumarsais Sim�us, who owns a large food-processing business in Texas, says the bank's investors hope to see annual returns on their investment in the mid- or high teens. He is also the chair of PromoCapital USA. Henri Deschamps, a prominent Port-au-Prince printing and media executive, is the chairman of PromoCapital Haiti. [USA Today, 4/29/2004; PromoCapital Press Release, 4/2/2004] Of the 70 names included on the list of PromoCapital shareholders, nine—Frederic Madsen, Gilbert Bigio, Gregory Brandt, Marc-Antoine Acra, Monique Bigio, Olivier Acra, Ronald Georges, Reuven Bigi, and Sebastien Acra—appear on a US Treasury Department list of people and organizations whose assets had been blocked by the US Department of Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control under the Clinton Administration, until 1994. [Sources: Office of Foreign Assets Control Listing of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Entities since December 7, 1993] And one of them, Hans Tippenhauer, had told The Washington Post on February 23 that the Haitians had enthusiastically greeted the paramilitary rebel forces as “freedom fighters.” [The Washington Post, 2/24/2004]
People and organizations involved: The Simeus Foundation, Steeve Handal, Serge Pinard, Serge Parisien, Vanessa Dickey, Reuven Bigio, Yael Bigio-Garoute, Yves Joseph, Rudolph Moise, Ronald Georges, Michael Gay Sr., May Parisien, Marc-Antoine Acra, Magdalah Silva, Laurent Pierre-Philippe, Monique Bigio, Rudolph Berrou→t, Nadege Tippenhauer, Patrice Backer, R←gynald Heurtelou, Reginald Villard, Patrick Tardieu, Patrick Moynihan, Patrick Delatour, Olivier Acra, Laurence Bigio, Kimberly Simeus, Josseline Colimon-F←thi│re, Albert Levy, PromoCapital, Axan Abellard, Carlet Auguste, Caroline Racine, Daniel Rouzier, Herve Francois, Henry Paul, Henri Deschamps, Hendrik Verwaay, Harriet Michel, Jacques Deschamps Fils, Hans Tippenhauer, Jean-Henry C←ant, Jean-Pierre Saint-Victor, Joseph Baptiste, Jon Robertson, Joelle Coupaud, Jerry Tardieu, Jean-Robert Vertus, Jean-Marie Wolff, Gregory Brandt, Gilbert Bigio, Gerd Pasquet, Elisabeth Delatour, Dumarsais M. Sim←us, Dimy Doresca, Daniele Jean-Pierre, Esq., Daniel Silva, Emile Corneille, Emmanuel Francois, Florence Bellande Robertson, Frantz Bourget, Georges J. Casimir, Gary Jean-Baptiste, Julio Bateau, Gabrielle Alexis, Esq., Fred Tony, Frederic Madsen, Fritz Fougy, Sebastien Acra, Elda James, Esq.  Additional Info 

'Passive' participant in the following events:

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