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Profile: Ahmed Sukarno


Positions that Ahmed Sukarno has held:

  • President of Indonesia




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Ahmed Sukarno actively participated in the following events:


September 30, 1965      US-Indonesia-East Timor (1965-2002)

       A small group of Indonesian junior military officers loyal to left-wing nationalist President Ahmed Sukarno kidnaps and kills six senior army generals and announces the creation of a revolutionary council to rule the country. The officers, led by one of Sukarno's bodyguards, Colonel Untung, claim the killings were necessary to thwart an imminent, CIA-backed coup against the Sukarno government. This event is known as the “September 30 Affair.” [Sydney Morning Herald, 7/10/1999; Pacific Affairs, Summer 1985; States News Service, 5/19/1990] Interestingly, Indonesian General Suharto, who will take control of Jakarta the following day (see October 1, 1965), had foreknowledge of the attacks but did nothing to stop them. [Sydney Morning Herald, 7/1999 cited in World Socialist Website, 7/19/1999 Sources: Abdul Latief] Prior to this event, tension between Indonesia and the West were on the rise. Sukarno had earlier threatened to nationalize US oil assets. [Sydney Morning Herald, 7/10/1999]
People and organizations involved: Abdul Latief, Ahmed Sukarno, Suharto

October 1, 1965      US-Indonesia-East Timor (1965-2002)

       Indonesian General Suharto takes control of Jakarta one day after a group of junior military officers killed six senior army generals (see September 30, 1965). Suharto claims the killings were part of a Communist plan to take over Indonesia. For the next five months, he oversees the slaughter of between 500,000 and 1 million people, many of them targeted because of their affiliation with the PKI, Indonesia's Communist party. [States News Service, 5/19/1990; Pacific Affairs, Summer 1985; Sydney Morning Herald, 7/10/1999; Sydney Morning Herald, 7/1999 cited in World Socialist Website, 7/19/1999] During this period, Suharto is backed by the US, Britain, and Australia. The US embassy in Indonesia provides the Indonesian army with a list compiled by the CIA consisting of the names of thousands of Communist Party leaders who the Indonesian military hunts down and executes. [States News Service, 5/19/1990; Sydney Morning Herald, 7/10/1999 Sources: US Government documents relating to US-Indonesia relations from 1965 to 1967, Unnamed former CIA officials and US diplomats]
People and organizations involved: Suharto, Ahmed Sukarno

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