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Profile: Ivan L. Frederick II


Positions that Ivan L. Frederick II has held:

  • Staff Sergeant




Quote, March 10, 2003

   “The Bush administration's decision to leave this toxic weed-killer on the market despite widespread contamination of drinking water and streams across the country is political, not scientific. While Europe is banning atrazine to protect its citizens, here the Bush administration caves to the chemical industry's demands, regardless of the threat to public health.” [Natural Resources Defense Council, 10/31/2003]

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Ivan L. Frederick II actively participated in the following events:


(October 2003)      Torture in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere

       The CIA brings a hooded detainee, later identified as Manadel al-Jamadi, to Abu Ghraib. The man is brought directly to the showers where he is shackled and left alone to await interrogation. About an hour later, he dies from untreated headwounds that had been concealed by the sandbag on his head. Prison personnel will claim they were unaware of the man's head injuries and that he had not yet been interrogated. Staff Sergeant Ivan L. Frederick II will write to his family in the United States in November 2003 that the CIA had “stressed him out so bad that the man passed away. [Prison personnel] put his body in a body bag and packed him in ice for approximately twenty-four hours in the shower.... The next day the medics came and put his body on a stretcher, placed a fake IV in his arm and took him away.” The prisoner is never entered into the prison's inmate-control system and therefore there is no record of him being admitted to the facility. [The New Yorker, 5/7/2004; The Age, 5/21/2004]
People and organizations involved: Manadel al-Jamadi, Ivan L. Frederick II

October 17, 2003      Bush's environmental record

       The Environmental Protection Agency announces that it will not regulate dioxins in land-applied sewage sludge, which is considered to be the second largest source for dioxin exposure. [The Washington Post, 10/18/2003; Associated Press, 10/18/2003; Natural Resources Defense Council, 10/17/2003; League of Conservation Voters, n.d.] The decision goes against a December 1999 proposed rule calling on the EPA to regulate the application of sludge, which is used for fertilizer on farms, forests, parks, and golf courses. [The Washington Post, 10/18/2003; Associated Press, 10/18/2003] The EPA says that regulation is not necessary because dioxins from sewage sludge do not pose significant health or environmental risks. But according to a National Research Council report completed the year before, the agency had been using outdated methods to assess the risks of sewer sludge. [Associated Press, 10/18/2003] According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, dioxins are “among the most toxic substances on Earth” and are responsible for causing cancer and diabetes, as well as nervous system and hormonal problems. The NRDC says that the decision violates the Clean Water Act, which charges the agency with restricting the level of toxic pollutants that harm human health or the environment. [Natural Resources Defense Council, 10/17/2003]
People and organizations involved: Bush administration, Environmental Protection Agency, Ivan L. Frederick II

(Mid-January 2004)      Torture in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere

       Staff Sergeant Ivan L. Frederick II, a member of the 372nd Military Police Company who will be a central figure in the prison photos scandal, sends a letter to relatives back home. In his letter he says: “I questioned some of the things that I saw ... such things as leaving inmates in their cell with no clothes or in female underpants, handcuffing them to the door of their cell-and the answer I got was, ‘This is how military intelligence (MI) wants it done.’ ... MI has also instructed us to place a prisoner in an isolation cell with little or no clothes, no toilet or running water, no ventilation or window, for as much as three days.” Frederick goes on to say that the military-intelligence officers have “encouraged and told us, ‘Great job,’ they were now getting positive results and information. CID has been present when the military working dogs were used to intimidate prisoners at MI's request.” When Frederick asked his superior officer, Lieutenant Colonel Jerry Phillabaum, the commander of the 320th M.P. Battalion, about the abuse of the prisoners, “His reply was ‘Don't worry about it.’ ” [The New Yorker, 5/7/2004]
People and organizations involved: Ivan L. Frederick II, Jerry L. Phillabaum

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