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Profile: Unnamed US intelligence official


Positions that Unnamed US intelligence official has held:




Quote, October 2002

   “Analysts feel more politicized and more pushed than many of them can ever remember. ... The guys at the Pentagon shriek on issues such as the link between Iraq and al-Qaeda. There has been a lot of pressure to write on this constantly, and to not let it drop.” [Los Angeles Times 10/11/02]

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Quote, (December 2002)

   “Based largely on the Central American human rights experience, we don't do torture, and we can't countenance torture in terms of we can't know of it. [But if a country offers the US information that was acquired from interrogations] we can use the fruits of it.” [Washington Post, 12/26/2002]

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Quote, Early 2003

   “It is impossible to support the bald conclusions being made by the White House and the Pentagon given the poor quantity and quality of the intelligence available. There is uproar within the intelligence community on all of these points, but the Bush White House has quashed dissent.” [Telegraph 2/4/03]

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